Commodore Sarac

District Commodore’s Thanksgiving Message

As we gather this Thanksgiving, let us be filled with gratitude for the opportunity
that we all have to serve…
To serve the public, our Shipmates in the Coast Guard and our nation. Your Devotion to Duty sets you apart—that you do so with Honor and Respect lifts us all. The challenges in which we find ourselves today are complex and are as ever-changing as the sea’s state. The one constant I take from serving with you in the Auxiliary is that our Core Values bind us together enabling us to overcome whatever challenges may come our way. You restore my faith every day. Together there is very little that we cannot accomplish. I am personally blessed beyond compare. Among that for which I will give Thanks this holiday is each of you, shipmates—you make a positive difference every day.
Let us also be grateful for all standing the watch this holiday, be it close to home or far away. May they be kept safe and know that their sacrifices are appreciated and celebrated.
To each of you, me and my family wish you and yours the warmest of Thanksgivings.
With respect and gratitude,

Semper Paratus!

Commodore Kurt P. Sarac, Sr.,
District Commodore
Fifth District-Northern Region
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
AUX flag

Authorized Wear of Auxiliary Uniform

When Members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary May Wear the

Coast Guard Auxiliary Uniform

Good day shipmates,

From time to time questions arise with respect to when wearing the Coast Guard Auxiliary uniform is authorized.  The Auxiliary Manual at chapter 1 section A.4.a provides that “Uniforms shall be worn as prescribed in Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, COMDTINST M1020.6 (series), except as noted in Chapter 10.” The policies at chapter 10 of the Auxiliary Manual and subsequent guidance documents contain the policies that instruct as to what uniforms we may wear, how they are to be worn, and when they may be worn. 

The overarching Coast Guard policy is that an Auxiliarist may only wear the Auxiliary uniform when assigned to duty. The Auxiliary Manual provides some examples of when Auxiliary uniform wear is prohibited, but whether or not specifically prohibited, uniform wear is only authorized when assigned to duty.     

“Assignment to duty” is addressed in the Auxiliary Manual at chapter 5 section J. as follows:

“The Commandant employs the services of qualified Auxiliarists in support of various Coast Guard programs. To this end, specific Auxiliary activities are authorized in support of Auxiliary programs or Coast Guard units. An Auxiliarist performing such duties is considered to have been assigned to duty within the meaning of 14 U.S.C. [§§3912 and 3903a] when these activities have been authorized and clearly communicated verbally and/or in writing by appropriate authority.”

The Auxiliary Manual, other manuals, guidance documents, SOPs, Letters and Instructions, are all “writings” that may function to assign us to duty. Written or oral orders are not necessarily required to be assigned to duty, although for certain Auxiliary activities, (e.g. surface or air operations), orders from an authorized Order Issuing Authority (OIA) are mandatory for assignment to duty. 

An Auxiliarist is assigned to duty when 3 prerequisites are satisfied:

            • The Auxiliarist is engaged in an activity in support of an authorized Auxiliary program.

            • The Auxiliarist is qualified to engage in that activity in accordance with CG or CG Auxiliary policy.

            • The Auxiliarist is performing the activity in conformity with applicable CG or CG Auxiliary policy (i.e. the Auxiliarist is acting within the scope of duty).

When those three criteria are met, then, and only then, the Auxiliarist is assigned to duty. Also, it is only then, that an Auxiliarist is deemed an employee of the United States, and eligible for the federal statutory protections described more fully by the Auxiliary Manual at chapter 5 section J. 

Many examples of authorized activities are given at Table 5-1 on page 5-50 of the Auxiliary Manual, but given the “Semper Gumby” nature of the Coast Guard and Auxiliary, that list is by no means intended to be all-inclusive.

Chapter 10 section A of the Auxiliary Manual specifically authorizes wear of the Auxiliary uniform as follows:

•Auxiliarists onboard vessel facilities during an ordered mission and Auxiliarists involved with mobile radio facility operations and shore-side harbor patrols.

•Vessel Examiners conducting vessel safety checks.

•Pilots, air observers, and aircrew on ordered missions in aircraft facilities.

•All instructors (IT) and assistant ITs in public education classes.

•Auxiliarists serving as Recreational Boating Safety Program Visitors.

•Auxiliarists travelling on any Coast Guard or military air or surface craft if so prescribed by the local commander.

 •Auxiliarists for whom an Order Issuing Authority (OIA) has prescribed an Auxiliary uniform as a condition for assignment to duty.

•Auxiliarists interacting with, acting on behalf of, or representing the unit when assigned to duty

•Auxiliarists when performing duty on a Coast Guard vessel.

•Wearing an appropriate Auxiliary uniform by active or retired Auxiliarists for formal and ceremonial occasions events with a military or Auxiliary nexus that require formal wear.

•During military ceremonies such as retirements, changes of command, funerals, patriotic parades on national holidays or occasions in which active or Reserve personnel are taking part or social and other functions when the invitation has been influenced by the member’s military service.

•At civilian, military, and Auxiliary ceremonies and events that are clearly military service-centric in nature (e.g.,military changes of command; Auxiliary changes of watch; military and Auxiliary retirements; Coast Guard Foundation dinners; local community banquets in honor of military services; patriotic parades on national holidays; funerals of military veterans and Auxiliarists) and which require a uniform.

•Certain formal Auxiliary events like changes of watch, conferences, and banquets recognized as falling within the general scope of military ceremony.

Uniform wear is prohibited unless specifically authorized, but as noted, there are certain occasions when uniform wear is specifically prohibited by the Auxiliary Manual, including:

•In places of dubious reputation where the uniform might be discredited or disgraced.

•When engaged in political activities.

 •During paid employment or sports.

•Aboard an Auxiliary vessel or aircraft facility unless the facility is on an authorized patrol.

•Entry to or while present in a foreign country or territory unless specifically authorized by an appropriate Coast Guard authority. 

Authorization may be granted in the following cases:

•A scheduled patrol or deployment that might enter foreign territories.

•An authorized SAR mission involving foreign borders or territories.

   •Deployment or guest status aboard a Coast Guard cutter or aircraft that enters foreign territory.     

   •Visiting a foreign country as an Auxiliarist on official business.

Except as authorized in the Auxiliary Manual, Auxiliary uniforms may not be worn for any personal ceremony or event (e.g., an Auxiliarist may not wear an Auxiliary uniform for their own wedding, college graduation, vacation, etc.).

Auxiliarists may not wear any distinctive part of the uniform or official Auxiliary insignia with civilian clothing when not assigned to duty. This includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is marked with wording that includes, “USCG Auxiliary” or any version thereof (e.g., life jackets, cold weather gear).

If ever in doubt, before donning the uniform, seek guidance from your elected unit leader.

Semper Paratus

Very respectfully,

Agostino “Gus” Formato, National Commodore U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

2024 Spring Dtrain

2024 Spring DTRAIN!

Save the Date…

5, 6 & 7 April, 2024
Hilton Wilmington/Christiana,
100 Continental Drive,
Newark, Delaware


Fellow Auxiliarists,

Save the Date for our 2024 Spring District Training & Annual Awards Banquet! More details to follow!
We are returning to the same location where we had Spring DTRAIN in 2023. The District Board Meeting, open to all members, will be on Friday. Scheduled events for members follow Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday.
Expanded course offerings and sessions planning is well under way.

You will hear from the U.S. Coast Guard Active Duty about exciting new opportunities for D5NR Auxiliarists at our Saturday Annual Awards Banquet.

I am encouraging every District member to plan on joining us for the entire DTRAIN weekend, or at least for a day. Your time will be well invested, you are certain to have a great time and will gain valuable knowledge and some terrific new friends. Be sure to catch up with me to have a chat!

Looking forward to seeing you at DTRAIN!
Semper Paratus!

Commodore Kurt P. Sarac, Sr.,
District Commodore
Fifth District-Northern Region
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary


Same Location as Spring 2023 DTRAIN!
The Hilton Christiana/Wilmington in Delaware has been entirely renovated. The facility is very nice and the staff and management are eager to host our event to the best of their ability.

help wanted

Help Wanted: Duty Driver

Job description: 1 hr. recall for duty driver with 24/7/365 availability.  Can work with schedules and will likely need 10-14 personnel to support depending on availability.  Would require driving parts and personnel within 150-mile radius of the Air Station.  If needed would be assigned to pick up mail, shuttle personnel to various sites, etc…  Would be permitted to utilize a GOVT vehicle for any official business.

Timeline/Duration/Frequency: 3 hrs. / Weekly

Number of Auxiliary Members needed:

Skills desired:

Location: Air Station Atlantic City

Click the DIRAUX Link to apply!


help wanted

Help Wanted: Shredding

Job description: Weekly Shredding of paperwork and materials

Timeline/Duration/Frequency: 2-4 hrs. on Friday

Number of Auxiliary Members needed:

Skills desired:

Location: Air Station Atlantic City

Click the DIRAUX Link to apply!


help wanted

Help Wanted: SAMS Data Entry

Job description: Work with FACENG department completing SAMS data entry for required maintenance.

Timeline/Duration/Frequency: 2-3 days per week

Number of Auxiliary Members needed:

Skills desired: Preferred qualifications include someone with facilities maintenance type experience.

Location: Air Station Atlantic City

Click the DIRAUX Link to apply!


help wanted

Help Wanted: Weekly Fire Inspections

Job description: Weekly Fire Extinguisher (Inspections) and Eyewash Station (Inspections and Flushing).

Timeline/Duration/Frequency: 3 hrs. / Weekly

Number of Auxiliary Members needed:

Skills desired:

Location: Air Station Atlantic City

Click the DIRAUX Link to apply!


USCG Recruiting

We are all recruiters for the USCG and now you can get paid for your efforts.

The Coast Guard is renaming its Everyone is a Recruiter (EIAR) program and doubling the incentive members receive for getting someone to enlist to $1,000. 

The rebranded “Scout Talent and Refer” (STAR) program has been significantly expanded.  In addition to active duty, reserve, and civilian employees, auxiliarists and retirees are now eligible to participate. And all those successfully making a referral will earn botha Letter of Commendation (or Appreciation) and the $1,000 bonus. 

STAR also removed the restriction on prior service recruits. Participants can earn an award for recruiting active duty and reserve enlisted personnel, as well as anyone enlisting in the Coast Guard for the first time, even if they have previously served in the military. You will also qualify if you recruit someone with prior service in the Coast Guard who is not currently affiliated with SELRES, IRR, or ISL. 

The Recruiting Command Incident Management Team (IMT) worked with Coast Guard leadership to implement these changes and improve our referral program as low unemployment continues to make it difficult to meet recruiting goals.  

Since EIAR program launched in June, 242 employees and members have taken part. The service has already awarded 193 Letters of Commendation and 49 $500 cash incentives. 

But there’s still more to do, notes Capt. Richter Tipton. “To make sure the Coast Guard stops being the best kept secret in government service, we need everyone’s help,” he said. “Talk to lots of people, tell them about your best day in the Coast Guard, and give us their contact information. The more people you can interest in the Coast Guard, the more people we can recruit – and the more money and formal recognition you can get, too.”  

The best way to refer a candidate is via the email found here.  

Members are encouraged to submit only high quality referrals. You can find guidance on what that means here.   

Note: Members serving in a recruiting assignment or assigned duties which could be perceived as causing a conflict of interest are not eligible to take part in STAR. 

How does it work?   

Incentives for the STAR program will be awarded using a process similar to EIAR’s. The recruiter will register the referral when processing the candidate. You’ll become eligible to receive the incentives when the recruit starts boot camp and confirms you as the referring member as a process integrity check.  

Additional information on all Coast Guard recruiting initiatives can be found here. Hands Info&channelName=General&createdTime=1672864583801&allowXTenantAccess=false

Commodore Sarac

Commodore’s Message

  D5NR Shipmates,   As we enter 2023, I wish you and your family a safe and healthy New Year. 
  In closing out 2022 and entering a new year I share that the Coast Guard is looking for us to help even more. I have delivered the message at the Changes of Watch I have attended that we are more relevant and needed today than at any point since WWII. As we go into 2023, we are thankful and blessed to have you moving the Fifth District-Northern Region into the new year full-steam ahead.    2022 saw us as the force-multiplying glue in almost every area of service by providing essential back-fill for Team Coast Guard. In our deploying to the South-west border, we have further shown our importance to our fellow Department of Homeland Security constituents. We have helped our nation in its efforts to be more secure, safe and informed. This all through the selfless sacrifices you, our members, contribute every day. The Auxiliary has delivered RBS, stood as watch-standers, provided valuable services on Cutters (including in the Arctic on the CGC Healey), and contributed at Sector DE Bay, and almost every station in our AOR. These are just a few examples of the crucial contributions provided. Thank you!   I especially want to thank COMO Joe Giannattasio for his tireless efforts in leading D5NR over these past two years.   EXCOM and I wish you a happy and safe New Year.

We look forward to serving with you in 2023
    Semper Paratus,

COMO Kurt P. Sarac, Sr.
District Commodore
Fifth District-Northern Region
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

      ### End of Message