USCG Recruiting

We are all recruiters for the USCG and now you can get paid for your efforts.

The Coast Guard is renaming its Everyone is a Recruiter (EIAR) program and doubling the incentive members receive for getting someone to enlist to $1,000. 

The rebranded “Scout Talent and Refer” (STAR) program has been significantly expanded.  In addition to active duty, reserve, and civilian employees, auxiliarists and retirees are now eligible to participate. And all those successfully making a referral will earn botha Letter of Commendation (or Appreciation) and the $1,000 bonus. 

STAR also removed the restriction on prior service recruits. Participants can earn an award for recruiting active duty and reserve enlisted personnel, as well as anyone enlisting in the Coast Guard for the first time, even if they have previously served in the military. You will also qualify if you recruit someone with prior service in the Coast Guard who is not currently affiliated with SELRES, IRR, or ISL. 

The Recruiting Command Incident Management Team (IMT) worked with Coast Guard leadership to implement these changes and improve our referral program as low unemployment continues to make it difficult to meet recruiting goals.  

Since EIAR program launched in June, 242 employees and members have taken part. The service has already awarded 193 Letters of Commendation and 49 $500 cash incentives. 

But there’s still more to do, notes Capt. Richter Tipton. “To make sure the Coast Guard stops being the best kept secret in government service, we need everyone’s help,” he said. “Talk to lots of people, tell them about your best day in the Coast Guard, and give us their contact information. The more people you can interest in the Coast Guard, the more people we can recruit – and the more money and formal recognition you can get, too.”  

The best way to refer a candidate is via the email found here.  

Members are encouraged to submit only high quality referrals. You can find guidance on what that means here.   

Note: Members serving in a recruiting assignment or assigned duties which could be perceived as causing a conflict of interest are not eligible to take part in STAR. 

How does it work?   

Incentives for the STAR program will be awarded using a process similar to EIAR’s. The recruiter will register the referral when processing the candidate. You’ll become eligible to receive the incentives when the recruit starts boot camp and confirms you as the referring member as a process integrity check.  

Additional information on all Coast Guard recruiting initiatives can be found here. Hands Info&channelName=General&createdTime=1672864583801&allowXTenantAccess=false

Commodore Sarac

Commodore’s Message

  D5NR Shipmates,   As we enter 2023, I wish you and your family a safe and healthy New Year. 
  In closing out 2022 and entering a new year I share that the Coast Guard is looking for us to help even more. I have delivered the message at the Changes of Watch I have attended that we are more relevant and needed today than at any point since WWII. As we go into 2023, we are thankful and blessed to have you moving the Fifth District-Northern Region into the new year full-steam ahead.    2022 saw us as the force-multiplying glue in almost every area of service by providing essential back-fill for Team Coast Guard. In our deploying to the South-west border, we have further shown our importance to our fellow Department of Homeland Security constituents. We have helped our nation in its efforts to be more secure, safe and informed. This all through the selfless sacrifices you, our members, contribute every day. The Auxiliary has delivered RBS, stood as watch-standers, provided valuable services on Cutters (including in the Arctic on the CGC Healey), and contributed at Sector DE Bay, and almost every station in our AOR. These are just a few examples of the crucial contributions provided. Thank you!   I especially want to thank COMO Joe Giannattasio for his tireless efforts in leading D5NR over these past two years.   EXCOM and I wish you a happy and safe New Year.

We look forward to serving with you in 2023
    Semper Paratus,

COMO Kurt P. Sarac, Sr.
District Commodore
Fifth District-Northern Region
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

      ### End of Message