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(Virtual) NTRAIN 2024:  Follow the Action on YouTube

You can view the following NTRAIN 2024 National meetings by clicking on the link or scanning the QR code below:

  • Meeting and Reports from the Members of the National Staff Operating Committee (OPCOM)
    • Saturday, 2 March from 1000 – 1300 EST
  • Meeting of the Committee of the Whole
    • Saturday, 2 March from 1330 – 1730 EST
  • Meeting of the National Board of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
    • Sunday, 3 March from 1000 – 1500 EST


YouTube:  US Coast Guard Auxiliary National Events

or the QR Code:

Very Respectfully,

Agostino “Gus” Formato, National Commodore

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

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Auxiliary Culinary Assistance

Fellow Division 19 Auxiliarists,

Do you like to cook? Want to augment the Coast Guard services?  Then the Auxiliary Culinary Assistance (CA) Program might be for you.

There is a significant need for additional CAs to support both Coast Guard and Auxiliary operations.

Here are some resources which you can explore to learn about the Culinary Assistance Program:

++ Auxiliarists attending Spring DTRAIN can attend an info session to learn about the program.

Auxiliary Culinary Assistance
Intro to Culinary Assistance—FRI 1330-1430
A discussion of the requirements of becoming an Auxiliary Culinary Assistant, including the annual requirements for Auxiliarists. Culinary Assistants assist Coast Guard Culinary Specialists ashore and afloat both domestically and internationally.

++ The most recent edition of the  “Navigator” magazine contains an article, “An Adventure of a Lifetime: Culinary Assistants Aboard USCGC KIMBALL”, (pp. 64-67) which describes the history, training and missions of the program.

++ A Facebook page, U.S.C.G. Auxiliary Culinary Assistance Program, (See attached file.) is used by its Followers to share experiences, information and photos from around the nation and other deployment areas.

The Culinary Assistance Program can be an opportunity to learn and/or share culinary skills and knowledge while providing important, vital services to fellow members on both the Gold and Silver sides.

If any of you have been or currently are Culinary Assistants, please let me know. I want to explore the possibility of a conference call and/or ZOOM meeting to share some of our experiences and thoughts as well as keep you updated about current requirements and events.

Feel free to reach out to me for additional information. 


Douglas Dockey 



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National Operations Workshops. The Surface Workshop is required for 2024. The Air Operations workshop is an element of the annual Air Station Safety Workshop.  The Telecommunications Workshop is strongly recommended for 2024. Like 2023, the National Operations Workshops (Surface/Air/Telecommunications) may be completed via webinar. The workshop training material(s) must be delivered by an Auxiliarist qualified in the respective operations program provided they are either a certified instructor or are under the supervision of a certified instructor. Instructors may use any webinar delivery platform that is available in their region. Instructors are encouraged to work with their Chain of Leadership and Management (COLM) to determine the proper delivery platform. Self-Attestation is NOT permitted for any of the National Operations Workshops. The workshops will relay significant, needed information, and may take longer than 1 hour (possibly 2 hours) to complete, please plan accordingly. Details for the 2024 National Operations Workshops are listed below:

  1. Surface Operations Workshop. This workshop is required for all boat crew coxswains, boat crew members, personal watercraft operators, paddle craft operators, and those currently training for any of these competencies, including members in Required Yearly Not Met (REYR) status who intend to regain their certification.
  2.  Air Operations Workshop. The Air Operations Workshop is an element of the annual Air Station Safety Workshop. The annual Air Station Safety Workshop is required for all pilots, air crew, air observers, and those currently training for any of these competencies, including members in REYR status who intend to regain their certification.
  3. Telecommunications Workshop. This workshop is strongly recommended for all operators and owners of Auxiliary Radio Facilities. It is strongly recommended for those currently holding Telecommunications Operator (TCO), or in training for TCO qualification, and those who are using AUXCOM as their “grandfathered” qualification for radio operation. This does not apply to the operation of radios on aircraft or vessels which are covered by crew certification.
  4. The 2024 National Operations Workshop presentations (Air, Surface, and Telecommunications) are located at the following link: 

 National Operations Workshops – 2024

  1. IT Workshop. The 2024 Instructor Workshop is now posted, and every member is encouraged to take advantage of this invaluable opportunity.
  • The Instructor Workshop is tailor-made for our dedicated members looking to enhance their teaching skills and deepen their impact as Coast Guard Auxiliary instructors. Whether you’re a seasoned instructor or a newcomer, this workshop is designed to elevate your training capabilities and contribute to the excellence of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
  • Geared toward the Public Education and Member Training Instructor, this workshop will help you review effective training methodologies that align with the unique demands of Coast Guard Auxiliary education. Stay at the forefront of instructional techniques to ensure our members receive the best possible training and that we present our boating safety courses optimally.
  • Go to and review the workshop in PDF format for important notes expanding on the information on each slide. If you would like to present the workshop to the members of your unit, download the PowerPoint version and refer to the instructor notes.
  1. National Vessel Examiner Workshop. The Vessel Examiner (VE) Workshop is required for 2024. This workshop is intended to be viewed by members and completion logged via a self-attestation form as described below. This workshop may be facilitated by an Instructor via webinar or in person as District COVID-19 Protocols permit.
    • VE Workshop. This workshop is required for all certified Vessel Examiners, and those currently training to become Vessel Examiners, including members in REYR status who intend to regain their certification. The VE workshop presentations are in

                PowerPoint at: 2024 National VE PowerPoint Workshop

                    PDF at: 2024 National VE PDF Workshop

Note: When adding the VE workshop task to Activity Logs in AUXDATA II use the task named “Vessel Examinations Workshop” in the Workshops task category list.

  1. Instructor Lead Group Workshops. If any of the workshops are completed in a group setting, the Instructor must submit a Workshop Mission and Attendance Report (ANSC-7039) to their IS officer for entry into AUXDATA II.
  2. IT and VE Self-Attestation. Members who individually view the IT or VE workshop in their entirety must submit a Workshop Attestation Form to their FSO-IS for entry into AUXDATA II. To make data entry easier, IS officers may collect forms for all their members required to complete these workshops and make one entry into AUXDATA II using the last day of the month of the Activity/Task Completion date. The self-attestation form is located at:

                VE Self-Attestation Form

  1. Per chapter 8.B.1.g of reference (A), all required workshops must be completed no later than 30 June 2024. If not completed by 30 June 2024, members required to complete those workshops will have their affected competencies placed into Required Workshop Not Met (REWK). If a required workshop is not completed by 31 December 2024, the affected competencies will be placed in REYR status.
  2. The Air Operations Workshop is an element of the annual Air Station Safety Workshop and must be completed by the end of 2024. The task should be entered into AUXDATA II for participants.
  3. Questions should be directed to the appropriate Chain of Leadership and Management (COLM).