2024 Fall Dtrain-2

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6, 7, 8 September, 2024
Hilton Wilmington/Christiana,
Newark, DE

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Training Success

From the Operational Training Officer

All Hands Notice—Spring 2024
Greetings D5NR membership,
To increase visibility of important information, I will be sending out periodic “all-hands” emails. In this email you will find information related to:


(Aux Training Handbook – Boat Crew, Chap 6)

When a Surface Operations Competency is in REYR, members should look at the tasks for that competency to see which tasks are overdue. Overdue tasks will show in RED.
**This is the same process for requesting re-checking the night certification box.
After the needed tasks are completed, the following steps must be taken:

  • A letter (email) must be submitted to the OTO from theFSO-OP, MT (any level), or FC stating that:
    • The member has completed the missing requirement.
    • Request the member’s competency be re-instated.
  • The servicing IS will likely be needed to assist with ADII, however, the email request should come from one of the members listed above.
  • Members should read Chap 6 regarding Re-certifications.

(Aux Training Handbook – Boat Crew, Chap 7)

 As per new Boat Crew Handbook:

  • A member will work with their FC, FSO-OP, or FSO-MT to request a QE. The paperwork will then be submitted to the AQEC, who will assign a QE.
  • All examinations will be standardized and will include standard drills
  • If eval is “no-go,” members should re-schedule ASAP and will only have to complete failed tasks.
  • Members should read Chap 7 regarding Qualification Exams/Examiners

If an auxiliary member is traveling outside their local area (usually considered more than 50 miles) to provide direct support to a Coast Guard unit, the Director’s office has limited funding with which to provide mileage and toll reimbursement using the Local Travel Claim function in ETS. There are also instances in which Aux leaders might be eligible to request reimbursement for travel.
We are processing these requests using the “Local Claim” process in ETS. These claims are a one step process submitted after the travel has been completed. If there is a question about whether or not travel will be reimbursed, the member should inquire PRIOR to the travel. While our goal is to reimburse as much travel as possible in accordance with regulations and funding, travel reimbursement will not always be possible/available.
Claim should follow the below guidelines:

  • Multiple trips can be submitted on a single Local claim.
  • Local claims must be submitted within 30 days of travel except when nearing the end of a funding period (Fiscal Year, Continuing Resolution, etc.) when it must be received 5 days prior to the last day of the period unless otherwise directed.
  • Local claims that include more than 1 round trip must all fall under the same assignment to duty or otherwise grouped with “like” events (for elected leaders). Examples are:
    • CA for Cape May must be separated from CA for Sta Manasquan
    • DCAPT Travel to COWs must be separated from travel to EXCOM Meeting
    • CFVE travel for exams must be separate from travel for Unit support to ANT Philly
    • Watch-standing aboard Cutters must be separate from Watch-standing at Sector.
  • Local claims for Unit support activities must have an attached assignment to duty.
  • If you have questions, contact the OTO.

Assignment to Duty is a term that denotes you are supporting the Coast Guard and if there is an injury, death, or third-party claim, an auxiliarist can be entitled to benefits depending on the circumstances. Many auxiliary activities are covered under implicit assignments to duty. However, when an Aux member is directly supporting an Active-Duty Unit, it is normally appropriate to be issued an Assignment to Duty memo. These assignments are also referred to as “Orders” or “no-cost Orders,” however, I typically do not use that language to avoid confusion with funded TDY orders.
If you are providing direct support to CG units, you should have an assignment to Duty. Here are a few examples when it would be needed:

  • Culinary Assistance
  • Watch Standing
  • Getting u/w on CG boats/cutters
  • Providing Administrative Assistance to units
  • Commercial Fishing Vessel Exams
  • Pollution Response
  • Any Special Projects

Assignments to duty can cover periods of time up to 1 year; Examples have been provided to local Active-duty commands. For questions, please work with your Auxiliary Unit Coordinater (AUC), Unit POC (Point of Contact), or DIRAUX.


Mickey Price, CWO4
CG Auxiliary OTO
215-218-1035 (desk)

AUX flag

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary’s 2024 National Conference

is 9-18 August at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida

Enjoy this great venue and experience the warm fellowship of being with your shipmates for some fun and education.  Along with other attendees, you can learn the latest information on Auxiliary programs and take advantage of the free informative workshops.

On-line registration for NACON 2024 is now open.  Register as soon as you are able in order to avoid last-minute fees and to secure your accommodations at the Rosen Centre.  Following are the travel dates for members traveling under Coast Guard orders or Coast Guard Auxiliary travel authorizations:

Friday, 09 AUG 2024 is travel day for NACO.
Saturday, 10 AUG 2024 is travel day for VNACO, Aides, ASOC (District Chiefs of  Staff, Directors and others enrolled in ASOC and ASOC Instructors).
Sunday, 11 AUG 2024 is travel day for DNACOs, ANACO-CC, ANACO-CCd,  NIPCO, and BSX1.
Monday, 12 AUG 2024 is travel day for ANACOs, Deputy ANACOs, DIRs who are not attending ASOC, and Deputy Directors.
Tuesday, 13 AUG 2024 is travel day for DIRAUXs, P-NAC, DCOs, DCOSs, BSX Staff, ANACO-CF, ANACO-DV. 
Sunday, 18 AUG 2024 is travel day for all to return except those specifically authorized to remain.

This link will take you to the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc. (AuxA) web site for registration.   

NACON 2024 (cgauxa.org) 

Be Aware:  If you register at the hotel without using the AuxA website link or forget to request and obtain the NACON group pricing, you might be charged substantially more than the NACON discounted price.  You will NOT receive reimbursement for the difference.