During this time of challenges, please take advantage of Online Training.  Keep watch to your email for those from USCG Auxiliary 5th District Northern Region for the latest news.  If you are not getting the emails, please send an email to info@5nr.org.

District Online Training
We may not be able to meet face-to-face, but we still have opportunities to serve! Consider taking advantage of this time for personal advancement and keeping your qualifications up-to-date (many of us are needing to redo our Core Value/Mandated Training Courses). National Auxiliary Departments offer a myriad of online courses—check them out.

Notices of upcoming District Online Training will be coming out every Sunday until further notice.

D5NR Online Training Opportunities

New Member Workshop
Presented by John Fisher, ADSO-MT East
Thursday, 26 March at 1900 (7pm)
This course is open to all new and “new-ish” members and offers a comprehensive introduction to Auxiliary policies and procedures. This course is offered via GoToTraining. Pre-registration is required. Total attendance is limited to 200.
To preregister, click here.

Operations Workshop
Presented by Kurt Surac, DCAPT-Central, DSO-Operations
This is the required 2020 Operations Workshop that all surface operations members must complete or go into REWK. This course is offered via GoToTraining. Pre-registration is required. Total attendance is limited to 200.

Only a single session is required.
Three sessions are offered:
Saturday, 4 April at 0900-1100To preregister for this session, click here.

Tuesday, 7 April at 1900-2100To preregister for this session, click here.

Saturday, 18 April at 0900-1100 To preregister for this session, click here.

Upcoming AUXSCOUT Online Training 

  • 3/22 – 101 – Introduction to Sea Scouting
  • 3/29 – 201 – AUXSCOUT SOP workshop
  • 4/5 – AUXSCOUT Staff Officer Forum

All workshops begin at 2100 Eastern and are scheduled to last about 1 hour. There are no advance sign-ups, and attendance is limited to 150 participants per session.

Sign-on information
Join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone at CHECK YOUR EMAIL for the login information.

Stay current

William Skelly, DSO-AuxScout


From the National Commodore
Commodore Larry King reminds us that we are all shipmates and that we need to actively support each other during this national health challenge. If you know of a member in particular need please reach out to your leadership about available assistance. We are all in this together. We have always shown resilience, dedication and cooperation for the benefit of each other and those we have sworn to serve—the Coast Guard and the public. 
Accommodate requests from the Coast Guard and the CDC and do all that you can to keep yourselves and your families safe.

Fellow Auxiliarists,

Take advantage of this “time off”! Learn something new, hone your skills, keep your knowledge base fresh, make good use of this time!
Some of the home study opportunities include:

  • Core Value Training (CVT)—If you haven’t completed the CVT or if you are coming up on the five-year expiration of some of the courses, take them now! Also, it is highly recommended that we all retake the influenza training module… the relevance / timeliness is “Now.”
  • Youth Protection Training (YPT)—With our developing relationship with the Sea Scouts, this would be a great time to complete the YPT which is available on the Boy Scouts of America website. Be sure to print the Certificate once completed and submit it to your IS officer for recording. All of us will benefit from taking the YPT whether or not we are individually planning to interact with Scouts.
  • Basic Qualification Course II (BQC II)—This is required of all new members and contains a wealth of information for more experienced members as well. Take some time and go through the modules; there is a great deal of useful information therein.
  • Auxiliary Leadership Development Program (ALDP)—The ALDP consists of five modules designed to hone leadership skills at various levels as follows:
    o Level 1 Leader – Member
    o Level 2 Leader – Flotilla Commander
    o Level 3 Leader – Division Commander
    o Level 4 Leader – District Captain
    o Level 5 Leader – District Commodore
  • No matter where you are on the leadership totem pole, completing all modules will enhance and sharpen your leadership skills.
  • Operational Auxiliarist Program (AUXOP)—The AUXOP Program is an advanced training program available to members who wish to increase their practical relevance to Coast Guard missions, and better assist the Coast Guard to fulfill needed skill sets.
  • Members who successfully complete their training are authorized to wear the prestigious AUXOP Device and their membership level advances from Initially Qualified (IQ) or Basic Qualified (BQ) to Operational Auxiliarist (AX2), or just “AUXOP.” There are three required courses:
    o Auxiliary Weather Specialty Course (AUXWEA)
    o Auxiliary Seamanship Specialty Course (AUXSEA)
    o Auxiliary Communications Specialty Course (AUXCOM)

Additional optional courses are available as well:
o Auxiliary Search Coordination and Execution Specialty Course                             (AUXSC&E)
o Auxiliary Navigation Specialty Course (AUXACN)
o Introduction to Marine Safety
o Auxiliary Patrol Specialty Course (AUXPAT)
Are the courses noted an all-inclusive list?… absolutely NOT! There are many more courses available on the National website on the Training Directorate’s site.

As we maneuver through these uncharted waters, please take this opportunity to make productive use of your time. Use the training opportunities to create a bridge over troubled waters. We will emerge at the end of this crisis stronger and more relevant than before.

Very best regards,

COMO Larry King

National Commodore