Description: The Aids to Navigation Team (ANT) in Philadelphia, PA is seeking Auxiliary volunteers to provide operational and administrative support for team operations in the following areas:

  • Administrative and maintenance support for rescue and survival systems
  • Support for routine servicing of aids to navigation (ATON)
  • Response to reports regarding aids that are not watching properly
  • Participating as a boat crew member aboard specialized ANT work boats
  • Basic engineering, maintenance, and shop work

Qualifications, Skill Sets, and Competencies Needed:

  • Interested Auxiliarists should be prepared to participate in rigorous training programs under the tutelage of experienced, Command-designated USCG and Auxiliary personnel.
  • Auxiliarists must also be sufficiently computer literate to compose and answer emails, assist in making reports, and entering results of inspections in associated databases.
  • Only Auxiliarists with current boat crew or coxswain qualifications will be allowed to train for operational support missions aboard specialized work boats.
  • Qualification as an Auxiliary Assistant Aid Verifier (AUX-AV w/ PQS) and Advanced Coastal Navigation Specialist (AUX-ACN) is highly desirable but not required.
  • Participants in this program must be reasonably fit. To work in the field, they must be able to climb ladders, lift 40 pounds, and have a full range of movement in their extremities.

Number of Auxiliarists Requested: Three to four

Timeline Needed:

  • Volunteers can begin training almost immediately.
  • Again, this qualification involves an extensive training program. The duration of that training will vary for each individual based on prior experience and the time commitment that the Auxiliarist is willing to make.
  • Volunteers selected for this program should be prepared to commit to at least four days per month to their training and, later, work at the unit.
  • Coast Guard and Auxiliary trainers are prepared to make an extensive investment of time and effort to assist new volunteers in the qualification process. While unforeseen events happen to everyone, the normal expectation is that volunteers will participate in the program for at least two years after completion of training.

Point of Contact: The point of contact for interested Auxiliary volunteers is Tom Roberson at

We have a request for AUX support. Request 2019-19 – Linguist

  1. Description of Duties: Proficient in a foreign language and able to teach this language to the Active Duty. Any foreign language
  1. Skillset/ Competency Needed: Proficient in a foreign language and able to teach this language to the Active Duty.
  1. Timeline Needed: Start the end of September for several weeks to teach in Washington, DC – USCGHQ for one hour per week.
  1. Point of Contact: LCDR Donald Edmon,
  1. Number of AUX requested: Several

Subject: Solicitation for Incident Command Post Augmentees           


1.  The U.S. Coast Guard is soliciting Auxiliary volunteers from D5NR to augment active duty and reserve personnel during response operations requiring activation of the Sector Delaware Bay Incident Command Post (ICP).

2.  Auxiliarists selected for this duty must have completed all core training and must have a current, favorable PSI.  Those selected must agree to attend the Incident Management Auxiliary Support Team (IMAST) Basic Orientation Class and to complete ICS 200, 210, and 800 (online) as well as the Federal Cyber Awareness Challenge (online) within one (1) year, if they have not already done so. 

3.  Selectees should expect initial assignment to Check-In/Status Recorder duties working under the supervision of and with other Auxiliarists.  After successful participation in two (2) training or actual incidents, and completion of the IMAST Level 1 Team Member Position Qualification Standard (PQS), these Auxiliarists will be eligible for other ICP assignments for which they have Coast Guard or equivalent Auxiliary certification. 

4.  The people who manage these programs make every effort to coordinate well in advance for team member participation in scheduled exercises.  Although not a requirement for participation, Auxiliarists who wish to participate should have a candid conversation with any employer(s) concerned in order to resolve potential work conflicts that might arise in an unscheduled (emergency) activation scenario.

5.  Auxiliarists on this team will receive priority consideration for selection to attend Coast Guard ICS courses with open slots for D5NR Auxiliarists.  They will also have an opportunity to participate as equal partners in a management team charged with coordinating regional response and recovery from maritime disasters or assuring public safety during National Special Security Events (NSSE) such as the recent Democratic National Convention. Ultimately, the only lasting reward Auxiliarists who participate in this program can expect to receive will be the opportunity to work with some of the finest men and women who have ever donned a Coast Guard uniform.

6.  Interested Auxiliarists should apply by email to and include their name, employee identification number (EMPLID), and membership status (AP, IQ, BQ, AX, etc.). 



USCG Sector Delaware Bay is seeking Auxiliary volunteers to support Operation ABOVEBOARD, a targeted enforcement operation to disrupt illegal charter operations.

Description: The summer months see a sharp increase in recreational boating traffic use of our nation’s waterways. This influx of vessel operators and their passengers varying degrees of knowledge of the laws governing passenger safety and licensing. As a result, many operators carrying passengers for hire do so without meeting important safety requirements, which pose a serious risk to the public. The first goal of Operation ABOVEBOARD is to educate boaters, and any paying passengers, by providing guidance on applicable laws before they head out on the water. Auxiliary support is requested to assist with developing visually appealing informational publications to increase awareness of regulations.

Number of Auxiliarists Requested:  Unlimited

Skill Sets and Competencies Needed:

  • Graphic design experience, any program

Time Commitment:

  • As requested leading up to the operation start date 27MAY19

Point of Contact:  The point of contacts for interested Auxiliary volunteers are LT Charles Taylor and LTJG Hunter Stowes at

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Added 15 APR 2019


USCG Sector Delaware Bay is seeking Auxiliary volunteers to provide periodic Geographical Information Specialist (GIS) support for a variety of projects.  While the current need is for Auxiliary support for the command center, it is anticipated that there will be a recurring need for GIS support throughout the Sector

Description:  Part-time Auxiliary volunteers are needed to provide periodic support for GIS projects throughout Sector Delaware Bay.

Number of Auxiliarists Requested:  Unlimited

Skill Sets and Competencies Needed:

  • Auxiliarists providing GIS support should be able to create custom GIS data (points/lines/polygons) in both .shp and .kml/kmz formats.
  • A background with ESRI, ARcGIS, ArcMap, and Google Earth software is highly desirable.
  • Familiarity with CGOne network is highly desirable.

Time Commitment:

  • Most projects will require 2-4 hours of effort, depending upon the complexity of the project, augmentee proficiency, and other operations.
  • Participating Auxiliarists will have the option to decline specific GIS projects that they consider to be too complex for their skill sets and those that would require more time than they have available.

Point of Contact:  The point of contact for interested Auxiliary volunteers is LT Kieran Clayton at (215) 271-4865.

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Added 9 Apr 2019