Latest Topside Newsletter and History through Topside

Many historical Topsides Newsletters have been added to the web site that gives us all an interesting look into the USCG Auxiliary with a focus on the Auxiliary in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. You must check them out at Topside Archives page.


Information for this year’s Fall District Training event and District Meeting is available on the District Events page.

District V-Train, District Meeting, and District Awards Ceremony

During the week of March 7th starts a week plus, of training, information, meeting, and awards sessions. The events for training and the 9/11 informational event require prior registration. All of the events are listed on the District Training Events page.

Historian’s Session added

 9_11_01 and its Effects on the USCG Auxiliary. A historical approach to where the Auxiliary is today. Find it on the Historian’s page.