DSO-IS Information Services

Jan Robert Munroe

Harry F. Dyer ….………………….. ADSO-IS Central

Russell M. Galson ………………. ADSO-IS East

William C. Lewullis ……….……. ADSO-IS West

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  • For security reasons, when an AUXDATA User has not logged on for 45 days their logon account will be automatically deleted by OSC.  When that occurs they will have to request and be given a new account.
  • Members who are using their own PCs should IGNORE the new button. It is for members who work with CG Units on SWS III machines only.


Auxinfo allows for the creation of individual reports derived from all available data. Auxinfo data is refreshed weekly from AUXDATA – on Mondays during early AM hours. Therefore, AUXDATA entries made during the week will not be found in Auxinfo until the following Monday. Auxinfo will work with Internet Explorer or Firefox but not with Chrome.

To create your report:

  • Open Auxinfo        https://www.auxinfo.uscg.gov/
  • If using Internet Explorer, add uscg.gov to Compatibility View Settings if it is not already there
  • Select “Continue”
  • Select “AUXDATA Cubes”
  • Select “AUXDATA Member Activities”
  • Select “All Units” from toolbar at top – drop-down list opens
  • Drill down through all levels – to your flotilla, then scroll down to and left click on your name
  • From “All Years” dropdown, select 2019
  • On bottom toolbar, left click on the “Zero Suppression” icon
  • Right click on “Measures” folder at left, then left click on “Nest Columns”
  • Right click on “All Positions” folder at left, then left click on “Nest Rows”
  • You should now see all your 2019 missions, hours, etc.

Now that the report has been created, bookmark it. A single click will allow you to bring up the report with current data at any time.

To create the bookmark:

  • Left click on the “File” icon on the bottom toolbar, then select “Prepare Bookmark”
  • The screen will go blank momentarily, then returns to the report
  • Add to favorites or bookmarks in your browser, and you are finished