Fellow 5NR Members,

Thank you for your “Semper Gumby,” surprisingly cheerful attitudes toward this ever changing Covid-19 pandemic situation.  I continue to be honored to serve as your Commodore – you are all truly amazing.

All updates on the activities we can do and the requirements to do them will now be posted on the District 5NR website.  Please go to www.5nr.org.  Under the “Member Links” tab, go to DIRAUX COVID-19 Directives.  You may also go directly to:  https://5nr.org/diraux-covid-19-directives/.

At this time, we may NOT do any operational missions, either surface or air.  Public Affairs (PA) missions are also NOT authorized at this time.

We MAY do the following Auxiliary support missions IF we adhere to the requirements posted at https://5nr.org/diraux-covid-19-directives/ including filliing out and submitting the Auxiliary COVID-19 High-Risk Assessment Form and, recognizing our own risk factors and the impact we may have on those around us, receive permission from an Active Duty Order Issuing Authority (OIA).  The following Auxiliary support missions commenced on 06 July 2020 with adherence to all requirements at https://5nr.org/diraux-covid-19-directives/  and federal and state regulations:

(1) Watch standing / Medical / Food Service

(2) Administrative support within Sector and units

(3) Vessel Exams / Marine Dealer Visits

(4) Meetings/Conferences

(5) Boating Safety Classes & All other instruction (including proctoring of tests) Remember, all members’ safety and wellness is paramount.

Assignment to Duty/Orders

(1) If an Auxiliarist is assigned to duty by another Auxiliarist, Auxiliary COVID-19 High-Risk Assessment Form Emails must be sent for approval, via the Chain of Leadership and Management (COLM).  Send it to your Flotilla Commander (FC) who will forward it to your Division Commander (DCDR) who will send it to DIRAUX at D5NRDIRAUX@uscg.mil.  DIRAUX (as the Active Duty Order Issuing Authority) will then either approve or deny.

(2) If an Auxiliarist is working with or for USCG Units such as stations or sectors, the OIA at that unit must approve the orders.  It should then be sent to DIRAUX for their records.

How to Do It

(1) When submitting a form via email — in the email’s SUBJECT LINE type “Approval Needed for Upcoming
Mission – ” YOUR NAME or AUXILIARIST’S who is performing the mission.

– This immediately clarifies the purpose of the email.  If it is for DIRAUX records only (previously approved by an Active Duty OIA) add note: For DIRAUX Records Only.

(2) IMPORTANT – In the BODY of the email include:

  1. Your Name.
  2. Type of Mission. (Ex: VE, PV, Meeting, Training, etc. – NOTE: NO SURFACE/AIR OPERATIONS AS YET or GROUP GATHERINGS (PA Events, VE Group Checks) c. Range of dates you are requesting. (cannot be more than three weeks).

– This will expedite the review process.

  1. Your RISK vs. GAIN assessment.


(1) You may fill out one form for multiple VE and PV activities for multiple locations and you can indicate a period of time no longer than three weeks UNLESS COVID RISK CHANGES OR YOUR RISK ASSESSMENT FACTOR CHANGES.

EXAMPLE: (For PV & VE) “Will perform checks at three Cape Cabo marinas on weekdays from August 1 to August 10, adhering to CG safety guidelines.”

(2) For weekend work, the Aux members need to plan and prepare, because these will not be approved overnight.

(3)  Also posted on the website is the risk assessment for Enclosed Space Mass Gatherings that must be completed for any proposed events when attendees cannot maintain social distancing (6 feet).  Please do not plan such gatherings unless there are extraordinary circumstances requiring it – this will most likely be denied.

(4)  This memo and the information posted on the website supersede my 8 July clarification of procedures which are no longer to be followed.  The goal of that memo was to handle approvals through our own, District 5NR Auxiliary Chain of Leadership and Management (COLM).  That is no longer possible and all missions must now be approved by an Active Duty US Coast Guard Order Issuing Authority (USCG OIA) per the procedures outlined above.

(5)  I recommend that Flotilla and Division meetings continue to be held online when possible.  If there are in person meetings, make sure that you can maintain social distancing and the safety measures required by LCDR Taylor’s 29 June NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)-D5NR AUXILIARY UPDATED GUIDANCE FOR SUPPORT AND MISSIONS posted on the D5NR website.

(6) Please take this opportunity to continue recruiting, training and qualifying for certifications.  Please encourage good candidates to join the Auxiliary and please mentor newer members.  With the surge in Personal Watercraft (PWC) and boat sales and this year’s increase in injury and death on the water, we’re needed now more than ever!  We will soon be issuing guidelines for enrolling new members during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Most Important Note:

Personally participating in Auxiliary Missions during COVID-19 is strictly voluntary. Members SHOULD NOT perform Auxiliary activities if they feel at risk or may endanger others. Each member is ultimately responsible for their own safety and wellbeing, The primary purpose of these forms and procedures is to protect your health and safety during this pandemic.

Joe Giannattasio, DCOS and I are strenuously working with Auxiliary National Leadership and the Coast Guard on measures to help members retain qualifications and not fall into REYR status due to COVID safety restrictions.  Concern about REYR must not dictate your actions.

Our priority is ensuring the safety and well-being of our members, members’ families, and all within the Coast Guard Family.

This is a very fluid time in the Auxiliary, please remain up to speed on updates concerning Auxiliary Activities by frequently visiting www.5nr.org.

Please direct questions and clarification requests through your COLM.

COMO Thomas J. Dever
District Commodore
District 5 Northern Region
US Coast Guard Auxiliary

Downloadable 2020.07.24 Fifth Northern District Aux Coronavirus Memo – Update 3 complete (16 pages)

First two pages below

Taylor Letterhead

24 Jul 2020
From: V. L. Taylor, Lieutenant Commander
CGD FIVE (dpa-n)
To: Fifth District Northern Region Coast Guard Auxiliary

Ref: (a) DIRAUX Memo of 29 Jun 2020
(b) Aux COVID-19 High-Risk Assessment Form (Enc 13 of COVID-19 PLANORD
(July 2020 v.8) Pandemic & Emerging Infectious Disease Risk Assessment
(c) Coast Guard Risk Assessment for Enclosed Space Mass Gatherings
(e) CGD FIVE (dp), Captain O’Connell’s Memo of 23 Jul 2020

1. D5NR Auxiliarists are resilient and I personally thank you for your dedication,
professionalism, and understanding. Safety of all Coast Guard (CG) members and their
families continues to be the highest organizational priority.

2. This guidance updates my memo of 29 June 2020, reference (a). It also incorporates
publication of reference (b), Auxiliary COVID-19 High-Risk Assessment Form, which is
Enclosure 13 of the COVID-19 PLANORD (July 2020 v.8) Pandemic and Emerging
Infectious Disease Risk Assessment, and incorporates reference (c), CG Risk Assessment for
Enclosed Space Mass Gatherings. All other guidance within reference (a) shall remain in
effect. The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Job Aid and the Risk for Death from COVID-19
Exposure that is in reference (a) shall be used.

3. Before returning to work, Auxiliarist must read and understand all references of this memo.

4. Members must adhere to reference (d), where it directs you and encourages your family
members to carefully consider risk to themselves and CG missions before engaging in
activities that pose an increased risk to contracting COVID-19.

5. In accordance to reference (e), your Active Duty (AD) Ordering Issue Authority (OIA) in
conjunction with your Chain of Leadership and Management (COLM), must perform an
Operational Risk Assessment in determining the risk vs gain of requested CG Auxiliary
missions. The AD OIA will use the COVID-19 PLANORD (July 2020 v.8) Pandemic and

Page 2

24 Jul 2020
Emerging Infectious Disease Risk Assessment prior to mission execution to determine if the
gain outweighs the risk.

6. Auxiliarists shall meet the training requirements and use reference (b) to certify their status in
respect to COVID-19 high-risk criteria and submit to their AD OIA. The approving AD OIA
must keep this form in their records and also submit a copy to the DIRAUX email for our
records at D5NRDIRAUX@uscg.mil. Members must work with the OIA and COLM
ensuring they have proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and the PPE must be used
in accordance with policy. Auxiliarist must have a cloth face covering of neutral solid
coloring with them during any activity. Before Auxiliarists have gatherings, such as a Flotilla
Meeting, reference (c) must be used and sent to your COLM for approval. Many Flotillas are
highly successful having their meetings virtually.

7. If an Auxiliarist is about to perform a mission and does not report or do work for an AD CG
member, then the Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) will serve as their OIA. The Auxiliarist
must submit reference (b) to their COLM for first approval, and their COLM will submit the
approved form to the DIRAUX email, D5NRDIRAUX@uscg.mil, for final approval. The
email subject line will have the member’s name and “Approval Needed for Upcoming
Mission”. Attached will be reference (b). In the body of the email, it will provide the type of
mission that is to be performed, the dates the mission is to be performed, and the explanation
of why this member and AUX leadership say that the gain to the CG outweighs the risk to the

8. The COVID-19 virus still exists and is spreading. Additional information from the CDC
regarding this disease and how to take precautions against it can be found at:
9. A date has not been set for when all Auxiliary activities may resume to normal operations,
but it is anticipated to be two weeks after the AD at Sector Delaware Bay come back at 100%
and are no longer on an alternate work schedule. This is of course, as long as the members
fully understand the references provided, use the correct PPE and feel safe to do so. Surface
and Air Operations are not authorized at this time. Working with your Commodore, I will
send another memo stating when District Five North will go back to full operations or
potentially cease/limit operations if COVID-19 continues to increase.
Enclosure: (1) Ref: (a) Auxiliary COVID-19 High-Risk Assessment Form (Enclosure 13 of the
COVID-19 PLANORD (July 2020 v.8) Pandemic and Emerging Infectious Disease Risk
Enclosure: (2) Ref: (b) Coast Guard Risk Assessment for Enclosed Space Mass Gatherings
Enclosure: (3) Ref: (c) DIRAUX Memo of 29 Jun 2020
Enclosure: (4) Ref: (d) ALCOAST 259/20 COVID-19 OFF-DUTY RISK MANAGEMENT
Enclosure: (5) Ref: (e) CGD FIVE (dp), Captain O’Connell’s Memo of 23 Jul 2020