Latest Coronavirus (COVID 19) guidance

From DIRAUX CDR Taylor-Davis, 18 Jan 2022

  1. AUX COVID memo update_13Jan2022 is the same one that Captain O’Connell sent out last year with the EXCEPTION that all AUX must be vaccinated if working with USCG, other AUX, and the public, (any person). No other changes to our current operation.
  2. There is no need to collect vaccination cards or information.  Just ensure when you send an invite for a meeting/function, have on the invitation as a reminder that all Auxiliarists must be vaccinated in order to attend.  It is perfectly fine for anyone, especially the OIA to ask an Auxiliarist if they have received their vaccination when they are accepting a mission.  This is on the honor system, no need to show vaccination cards. If an Auxiliarist tells me they are vaccinated, then I believe they are telling me the truth.
  3. Again, there is no other change except that Auxiliarists must be vaccinated to perform any mission that they would be working with another person.

05 JAN 2022



ALAUX 001/22


  1. All Auxiliarists are highly encouraged to review the latest version of the Auxiliary COVID-19 Reconstitution Guide which has been posted in AUXDATA II and on the CHDIRAUX website at:  Auxiliary COVID-19 Reconstitution Guidance. (To review the guide in AUXDATA II, login to AUXDATA II; from the AUXDATA Navigation Bar select “More,” then “Files,” and then select “Libraries.” The guide and other relevant COVID-19 information with be located in the folder listed as “CG Auxiliary COVID-19 Guidance.”) If you have any questions regarding the content of the guide, please reach out to your Chain of Leadership and Management (COLM).
  1. This update incorporates change, effective immediately, that requires full COVID-19 vaccination for Coast Guard Auxiliarists when assigned to duty that involves in-person interaction with Coast Guard personnel (including other Auxiliarists), other government personnel (federal, state, and local), or members of the public. It is meant to ensure the health and well-being of unvaccinated Auxiliarists, Coast Guard personnel, and members of the public that the Coast Guard is obligated to protect. Unvaccinated Auxiliarists (including partially vaccinated) remain able to volunteer for any assignments or activities that do not involve in-person interaction with members of the public, other government personnel, or Coast Guard personnel.
  1. Procedures for handling Auxiliarists’ requests for medical exemption and religious accommodation of this policy change are under development. When they are established and announced, CG-BSX-1 will start to collect, review, and issue determinations on such requests.
  1. This guidance is intended to provide assistance to the Directors of Auxiliary (DIRAUX), Coast Guard units, and Order Issuing Authorities (OIA) on how to use Coast Guard Auxiliarists in the safest way possible during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Knowing that the spread of the Pandemic is different in every area, region, state, city, town, etc., DIRAUX and OIAs may deviate from this guide as they see fit for their cognizant areas of responsibility (AOR), except for the vaccination requirement.
  1. DIRAUX offices, Coast Guard units, and OIAs are continually assessing operational risks posed by COVID-19 and developing mitigation strategies in advance of mission performance. They remain the best sources for guidance regarding Auxiliary assignments to duty within their AORs. All Auxiliarists are expected to help them by exercising caution and strictly adhering to all Coast Guard guidance.
  1. Internet release is authorized.

***For many reasons including the value of keeping communication lines clear and open as well as facilitating access to training and educational tools, all Auxiliarists are urged to have their own email address and to keep it updated in AUXDATA.***

*All ALAUX’s are posted on the Chief Director of Auxiliary web site located at:  CHDIRAUX ALAUX

If you have a question regarding this ALAUX, please seek resolution within your Chain of Leadership and Management (COLM) including up to your servicing District Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX). If your question still cannot be resolved after that, then please email

—– Pre-03Jan2022

Good day 5NR Auxiliary Leaders,

I am happy to share with you the latest updated District Five Northern COVID Guidance for support, missions and gatherings; you’ll find that the guidelines offer more flexibility for members.

For example:

The 7101 form only needs to be submitted once per person and covers all missions. You will only have to resubmit this form if there is a change of information in Blocks 1 or 2. If you have already submitted an ANSC 7101 form, reference (c) to your OIA and to the DIRAUX office, no more forms need to be submitted, unless there is a change to Blocks 1 or 2.

All mass gatherings are authorized in accordance with references contained. You must complete the reference form and submit anytime in advance to the DIRAUX office.

Of course, Auxiliarists shall assess their personal ability beforehand to undertake any activity.

The safety of all Coast Guard and Auxiliary members and their families remains the highest priority. Everyone must honor and respect an Auxiliarist’s request to not participate in an assignment to duty due to the Auxiliarist’s concerns about COVID-19 exposure.

Ensure that every member reads and familiarizes themselves with the aforementioned guidance.

I want to thank the DIRAUX staff for facilitating the guidance update.


Joseph Giannattasio
District Commodore
Fifth District – Northern Region
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Latest Coronavirus (COVID 19)guidance for the Fifth Northern District with the February Reconstitution guide enclosed.

Highlights from the current guidance below


The attached is DIRAUX Memo Update #6 dated 2021.04.22 for support mission direction.

Highlights of Update 6:

  1. ANSC-7101 FORM – submitted one (1) time to DIRAUX or OIA; subsequent form is to be submitted ONLY if there is a change in the member’s self-assessment status
  2. CG RISK ASSESSMENT FOR MASS GATHERINGS – submitted to DIRAUX for file (business meetings, workshops, training sessions, public education courses)
  3. MISSION REQUESTS FOR APPROVAL – are no longer required to be submitted to DIRAUX
  4. AIR & BCQP/RADIO MISSIONS – members are still required to submit the 7101 form to be approved by the respective OIA if they have not already submitted a form

All requests that have been submitted to DIRAUX prior to today are approved and are not subject to reply.  You may notify the member who requested approval for their mission(s) that approval is granted.

Please direct all inquiries and concerns to the AUX Chain of Leadership and Management.

Your continued support.


Elizabeth Kain

ADMIN Affairs Specialist

CGD Five (dpa-n)