Commodore Sarac

Commodore Kurt Sarac
District Commodore 2023-2024

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Mr. Sarac is the founder and Chairman of Covenant Group of Companies, including medical technologies, mailing presort, Marina, and Chemical Blending Business. Kurt’s real passion is mentorship. Mr. Sarac is the President and Headmaster at Red Lion Christian Academy, serving 1000 students with various needs in the DE, NJ, PA, and MD areas. He is a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to troubled business revitalization. He has led several business and venture companies to take business ideas from the whiteboard to successful implementation. He attended Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, for a BS in Communications. He holds certificates from Harvard Kennedy Center in Government and Georgetown in anti-terrorism

Mr. Sarac has dedicated his career to providing leadership in a “simplistic but comprehensive attitude” approach to business management, education, and operations. His specialty is taking businesses through Concept, Development, Implementation, Operations, and Divestiture Cycles. Additionally, Mr. Sarac has provided consulting services to fortune 500 companies like DuPont, Xerox, and GM.

He has served as Chief of Staff for the 5th District Northern Region. He was formally the Deputy Director for the Training Directorate. He led the organizational changes to streamline and successfully implement the online training initiatives, CORE STEP leadership training and updating the curriculum- AUXCOM, AUX-MT BQCII, and several other important updates. He served as the district 5NR DSO-OPERATIONS, FC, SO-OP for OPERATIONS, and MT. Kurt has provided successful leadership for training over 52 Coxswains and 74 Boat Crew candidates. He has led or Co-Lead over 120 members’ education classes, including developing a Cold-Water Training Program (CWTP) to allow for the “Cross-Operational” district support between districts and MOU’s. He has particularly enjoyed providing Operational Excellence as the Mission Leader in such activities as; (5) Tall Ship/Fleet Week Ops, Papal Visit, US Secret Service support for V-POTUS Detail and Underway transfers, and operational support for USCGC EAGLE and USCGC HAMILTON.

Mr. Sarac has reached Qualification Examiner, AUXOP, Vessel Examiner, Coxswain, and Instructor credentials. Additionally, Mr. Sarac has been awarded the following awards; US Coast Guard AWARD OF OPERATIONAL MERIT (B), Divisional Coast Guard Auxiliarist of the year, several US Coast Guard OPERATIONAL SERVICE AWARDS, SPECIAL OPERATIONS SERVICE RIBBON, COAST GUARD UNIT COMMENDATION, several CG MERITORIOUS TEAM COMMENDATION, as well as others.

Mr. Sarac has been married to his wife Jodi for 31 years, and they have four children- Amanda (27), Kurt “Peter” Jr. (25), Timothy (23), and Jacob (21). The Sarac Family is actively involved in several charities through their Family Foundation, which consists in mentoring youth and provides educational opportunities in the US, Haiti, Africa, and India to build productive youth through education and keep these youths in their native countries.

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