Fall 2022

District Board Meeting Booklet (Password protected, see your email or request password via COLM)

Fellow Auxiliarists,

It’s true! Our District is having a Live Fall DTRAIN! We’ve been weathering the challenges brought on by COVID-19 and funding issues for almost the 3 years. Now it’s time to get back together. We have a new venue in a new location. The District Board Meeting, open to all members, will be on Friday afternoon. Scheduled events for members follow Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday.

I am encouraging every District member to come join us for the entire DTRAIN, the weekend, or just for a day. Your time will be well spent and you will have a great time and will gain valuable knowledge and some terrific new friends. Be sure to catch up with me to have a chat!

Looking forward to seeing at DTRAIN!
Semper Paratus!

Commodore Joe Giannattasio,
District Commodore
Fifth District-Northern Region

Never been to a DTRAIN?
Well! There has never been a better time to attend your first! District Training Events are a unique opportunity to get to know first-hand about all that the Auxiliary has to offer. Even more importantly, you’ll get to know fellow Auxiliarists from across the entire District and from all levels of the Auxiliary—from brand new members to District and National Officers. This is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and catch up with shipmates.

Old Hand at DTRAINs?
You know that the District training is first-rate, and the food and meals are great, but you also appreciate that some of the very best memories and personal exchanges happen outside the classes and between the sessions. Come back to DTRAIN to renew your friendships and make new ones—nothing beats being with like-minded folks in person.

From Friendly Informality to Longtime Traditions
Friday afternoon (1300hrs) is the Fifth District-Northern Region Board Meeting where the business of the District is done. The meeting is open to all members and it gives you an introduction to what it takes to run one of the premiere volunteer maritime services.

In the evening we have Friday Fun Night—this time tropical-themed party where everyone enjoys just being themselves with great food and drink, contests and prizes. Get out your sandals, shorts—Hawaiian-style shirts are encouraged! Rumor has it that COMO Joe would like to make the Hawaiian shirt an approved Auxiliary uniform item.

Saturday evening is the Commodore’s Banquet and Awards Ceremony—a  formal event with speakers and presenters from both Active Duty U.S. Coast Guard and the Auxiliary. The incoming Executive Committee (EXCOM) Members will be “frocked” with the shoulder boards of their elected offices placed on their shoulders. Awards are also presented to members with ceremony befitting each well-earned award.

For fellowship be sure to stop by the All-Member Hospitality Suites Friday and Saturday Nights.

Meet and Greet
DTRAIN is the perfect opportunity to get to meet and get to know our new Director of Auxiliary, Commander Chad Morgan and our new Assistant Director of Auxiliary and Operational Training Officer, CWO4 Mickey Price. Members of the DIRAUX Staff will be in attendance for you to get to know the Team that serves our members so well. We will also have guests from USCG Sector Delaware Bay and U.S. Coast Guard District 5 Headquarters, Portsmouth, VA. We are also expecting to have VIP Auxiliary guests from Atlantic Eastern Area and Auxiliary National Staff. More info to follow.


Time for us to again have fellowship, train with fellow shipmates, and plain have fun! After years of missed DTRAINs, we finally get a chance to see each other face-to-face and enjoy a weekend together. You will get to meet the new D5NR Director of Auxiliary, CDR Morgan and our new Operational Training Officer, CWO4 Price. You will hear from the U.S. Coast Guard Active Duty about exciting new opportunities for D5NR Auxiliarists at our Saturday dinner. We will have special awards for members and a Fun Night Friday night!

We hope to see you there!

Kurt P. Sarac, Sr.
D5NR District Chief of Staff
Fifth District-Northern Region
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

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Fall 2022 District Training Classes
All Classes are scheduled on Saturday, 17 September.

0800 – 0900 TIME SLOT

  • Financial Operations Manual
    This course is a review of the newly released National Financial Operations Manual. There are new guidelines and processes that all units will be required to follow. This course will be valuable to all Finance Officers along with Flotilla and Division Commanders and their respective Vice Commanders. All members are welcome to attend.
  • Qualifications Examiner (QE) Workshop
    This workshop will cover all of the new requirements for Qualification Examiners and review processes and reporting for member sign offs.
  • Legal Contracts and Disciplinary Issues
    This course will cover why contracts need to be reviewed by the legal team and required processes followed. Lead times are required so a proper review and changes are performed efficiently. Documentation of disciplinary issues will be reviewed along with why its important that any legal issues and concerns are brought to the legal office.
  • Aids to Navigation (ATON)
    The course will provide the members with information on the types of aids to navigation in the D5NR areas of operation. What are the Division responsibilities for these aids? You will get a view into the days and lives of Coast Guard Aids to Navigation team members. Composition and characteristics of ATON will be discussed along with inspections and how to file a discrepancy report for an aid not working properly. (By the way, the plural of ATON is ATON—not ATONs. The acronym stands for Aids to Navigation—as in daughters-in-law.)

0915 – 1015 TIME SLOT

  • Annual Budgets and Financial Audits
    This course will teach the proper way to create an annual budget applicable to all units and we will review the requirements and reporting for financial audits. This course will be valuable to all Finance officers along with Flotilla and Division commanders and their respective vice commanders. All members are welcome to attend.
  • Social Media and Tips for
    U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

    During this class students will learn effective ways to operate their social media accounts and platforms while acknowledging U.S Coast Guard and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary rules, regulations and standards. By the end of this class, students will have an overview of the variety of social media platforms and simple tips to help increase positive visibility for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and share our message with the public we serve.
  • Meet the New Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) & Staff
    Take this opportunity to be among the first members of the District to meet the new DIRAUX Team in person.

1030 – 1130 TIME SLOT

  • Communications Radio Facilities
    This course will cover the many issues found in getting a radio facility initial and renewal inspections. Let us walk through the trials and tribulations of the inspections. You have a 2-way radio, learn what you can do with it to support Auxiliary missions.

      -Radio Facility
    -Radios on Operational Facilities (OPFACs)
    -What can you do with your radio facility

  • Vessel Examiners (VE) Workshop
    Topics will include frequently asked questions regarding Facility Inspection creation and input of required photos and files for the Facility Owner and the Vessel Facility Examiner. Other FAQs will be addressed based on submissions from the Vessel Examiner community.
  • Intro to Navigation Systems
    This will be an overview of the duties and responsibilities of the Aux Nav Systems Branch to include both staff officer and aid verifier positions and their importance to the U.S. Coast Guard.

1330 – 1430 TIME SLOT

  • Public Education Update
    This course will cover the latest updates to the public education office along with using new ways to present courses both in-person and virtually. COVID has enabled the Coast Guard Auxiliary to get creative in the ways we interact with our public customers.
  • Auxiliary Youth Protection Course
    This course is designed to teach you what to look for when working with children. This includes sexual harassment, pedophiles, and bullying. You will be instructed on what to do if you encounter these situations.

    You will be instructed as to whom you are required to report suspected incidents. Who you have to report the incidents to? This is a Scouting BSA course and is used by numerous youth organizations in the country. This is a required course to have if you want to work with Sea Scouts or Boy Scouts and must be renewed every two years.

  • EXCOM Meeting
    This meeting is for all newly-elected EXCOM members to discuss upcoming expectations and priorities for 2023.

1445 – 1545 TIME SLOT

  • Sea Partners and Marine Safety
    This class will review the Sea Partners program which is the Coast Guard’s education and outreach program to engage boaters, fisherman, marine operators, and industry along with the general public with information to the protect marine environment. All members are welcome to attend.
  • Auxiliary Air Program Overview
    The class will provide an overview of the Auxiliary Air Program and how to get involved. Topics to be covered include:

    1. What is AUXAIR
    2. Missions
    3. Operational Facilities
    4. Pilot Qualifications
    5. Observer & Air Crew
    6. Training
    7. How to Participate
    8. HUNTAIR and RADIOAIR Missions

  • Meet the Newly Elected
    Executive Committee (EXCOM)

    Take this opportunity to be among the first members of the District to meet the newly-elected 2023 EXCOM Team members in person.

16:00 – 17:00 TIME SLOT

  • Auxiliary Applicant Management System
    This course is designed for Human Resources and Diversity officers to review the Auxiliary Applicant Management System. The process of member lead generation and tracking will be reviewed—all prospective leads are found in a single location. A review of the application process and paperwork required for all new members will be thoroughly reviewed. All unit leaders are welcome to join the meeting along with any members interested in the HR and Diversity offices.
  • The True Story behind “The Finest Hours”
    18 February, 2022 marked the 70th Anniversary of the U.S. Coast Guard’s most famous small boat rescue. This presentation will go into the actual rescue events and provide some little-known background information. It will also highlight fact and fiction portrayed in the 2016 Disney movie “The Finest Hours.” Special attention will be placed on how this historic Gold Medal Rescue negatively impacted CG36500’s Coxswain Bernard Webber and his crew.
  • Division Commanders Meeting
    This meeting is for all Division Commanders and Vice Division Commanders to discuss upcoming expectations and priorities.

Official Uniforms for DTRAIN

Friday Afternoon and Saturday (until the banquet)
The designated Uniform of the Day for Friday afternoon’s District Board Meeting and all day Saturday is Trops. When outdoors, covers (uniform hats) should be worn—either a combination cap or garrison cap. Ball caps are not authorized to be worn with Trops.

Trops consist of a light blue CG uniform shirt, CG Service Dress Blue uniform trousers, black socks and plain-toed, well-polished black oxfords. All members should wear a white V-neck undershirt—no crew neck tees. The belt is black web with a polished silver closure. Hard shoulder boards, name tag, ribbons, insignia and devices are worn.

Trops are not authorized for wear at the formal Saturday Evening Commodore’s Banquet.

Saturday Evening, Commodore’s Banquet
This is a formal event. Your option is to wear appropriate civilian attire as described above or one of the two following formal Auxiliary uniforms.

Dinner Dress Blue
This is a refinement of the Standard Dress Blue uniform (SDB).

In place of the light blue shirt a white plain collar dress shirt is worn. For men a plain black bow tie is proper; women wear the black tab tie. In place of ribbons, miniature medals are worn. Miniature devices replace the larger devices worn on Trops. The standard size AUXOP and Past Officer pins are worn. Name tags are not worn.

Dinner Dress White Jacket Uniform
In Fifth District-Northern Region we only wear the Dinner Dress White Jacket uniform, though there is a Dinner Dress Blue Jacket version for winter formal events. The jacket itself is the standard U.S. Coast Guard/U.S. Navy White Mess Jacket. Enhanced shoulder boards are worn and the buttons on the jacket are silver Auxiliary buttons. The men’s jacket is closed with a short silver chain through small button holes. Shirts are white tuxedo shirts pleated for men, frilled and pleated for women. Shirts are closed using brushed silver studs. Black bow tie for gents, black tab tie for the ladies. Black slacks are worn with braces, women have the option of a black floor-length skirt. A silver cummerbund is worn (pleats up). Combination cap is worn.

Sunday—no uniforms for Auxiliary members.

For complete guidance on uniforms and their proper wear check the National U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary website / Human Resources Department.
Click here for direct link.

Operational Dress Uniform (ODU)
The ODU is worn for operational duty assignments including missions and work at some U,S, Coast Guard facilities.
NOTE: ODUs are not authorized for wear at any time during DTRAIN.

The DTRAIN Registration website is now active.
Class schedule and registration for classes is on the registration website.

 DTRAIN Deadlines 
Hotel Reservation Deadline        23 August, 2022
Meal and Classroom Deadline    4 September, 2022

Hotel Reservation Details
Hotel Bookings Deadline—23 August, 2022.
Hotel reservations must be made directly with the Hotel using the link below (much preferred) or call the hotel directly telephone 1-877-883-0746.

Direct DTRAIN Hotel Reservation Click Here
Please note that the Hotel Rate includes full breakfast in the hotel breakfast area for both Saturday and Sunday mornings.