The District Executive Committee(EXCOM) shall be comprised of the District Commodore, as Chairperson, the District Chief of Staff, each District Captain, the Director, and the Immediate Past District Commodore. EXCOM is charged with managing the day-to-day operations and business of this District and will meet as determined by the District Commodore and Director. EXCOM will review the progress of the Auxiliary in the District, will study suggestions received from District members and will provide recommendations to Divisions and Flotillas where problems develop and when assistance is requested or needed.

District Captain West Jeff Kuhn

Robert “Jeff” Kuhn District Captain-West (Divisions 15, 19, 20, 21)

He is a retired educator with 25 years of experience teaching high school biology and ecology and 6 years as a university adjunct teaching environmental science.  He holds a Ph.D. from Penn State in ecology. Mr. Kuhn is coxswain and AUXOP and qualified in IT, VE, WS, TCO, SCE instructor and TCT facilitator, as well as, Branch Chief on National Staff for Seamanship in the Advanced Training Directorate. His awards include the Auxiliary Achievement Medal, Operational Excellence Award and four Meritorious Team Commendations.  He served for many years as coordinator of Station Long Level in southcentral PA and has accrued over 16000 hours of Auxiliary service.

District Captain – Central, Kurt Surac Sr. (Divisions 1, 4, 12, 17)

District Captain Sarac serves as DCAPT-Central and District Staff Officer Surface Operations for the 5th District Northern. He recently served as Deputy Director of Training (Chief of Staff) for the DIR-T. Kurt has held the following positions in the organization; Division Commander, Flotilla Commander, DDC-Liaison, and several other Staff Officer positions.   Mr. Sarac has provided mission leadership and support for activities such as; The Democratic National Convention, Republican National Conventions, Pope Visit Philly 2015, Presidential Inauguration, Presidential State of the Union addresses, and several Fleet Weeks in Baltimore, Philly and New York.

Mr. Sarac holds Certification in U.S. Government from Harvard University- Kennedy School of Government and Terrorism and Counter Terrorism from Georgetown University. He attended Canisius College for a BA in Communications. Kurt is married to his wife of 27 years, Jodi, and has 4 Children. Kurt enjoys teaching- Business, Technology, and Civics to high school children. He has served as COO for several Logistic and Technology companies. He has worked as a turn-around expert in taking troubled companies. He serves on the Board of Directors of Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Parent Advisory Board of Messiah College, Board of Directors Chem-Blend Companies, President Covenant Group, Board of Directors “You Are Impact”, Board of Directors “Change” Philly- Penn-ovations and several other church and civic groups.

Coast Guard and Auxiliary awards include, U.S. Coast Guard Award of Operational Merit,  Divisional Auxiliarist of the year, seven U.S. Coast Guard Operational Service Award,  the Operations Service ribbon, two Coast Guard Unit commendations, eight CG Meritorious Team commendations, and the Sustained Auxiliary Service award.

District Captain East Noreen Schifini

Noreen Schfini, District Captain – East (Divisions 7, 8, 16, 18)

Auxiliarist Barry Kyper has been an active member for over seventeen years. Throughout his tenure, Aux Kyper has served in a variety of leadership roles from VFC, FSO, SO including his current position of Immediate Past District Commodore. He has also participated in numerous auxiliary activities over his years of involvement. IPDCO Kyper maintains that the strength of the auxiliary relies on the dedication and diversity of the membership and all of the knowledge, experience and skills that they bring to the organization.  Semper Paratus!