The District Executive Committee(EXCOM) shall be comprised of the District Commodore, as Chairperson, the District Chief of Staff, each District Captain, the Director, and the Immediate Past District Commodore. EXCOM is charged with managing the day-to-day operations and business of this District and will meet as determined by the District Commodore and Director. EXCOM will review the progress of the Auxiliary in the District, will study suggestions received from District members and will provide recommendations to Divisions and Flotillas where problems develop and when assistance is requested or needed.

Michael (Mike) McElwee is the District Captain for the Western Area of

Michael “Mike” McElwee District Captain-West (Divisions 15, 19, 20, 21) 

Michael (Mike) McElwee is the District Captain for the Western Area of District 5 Northern Region, which consists of the central and eastern portions of Pennsylvania with 352 members. The areas range from State College down to Chambersburg, from the Poconos to Lancaster, Northern New Jersey, and everything in between

Mike enrolled in the Auxiliary in 2002, and this year will be his 21st year. He is a member of Flotilla 21-04 in Reading, Pennsylvania. He became interested in joining the Auxiliary while attending a Public Education class in 2002 taught by his parents, Carolyn, and Barry McElwee. He was fortunate to receive The Auxiliary Achievement Medal as well as multiple Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation awards, He is qualified as a Vessel Examiner, Marine Dealer Visitor, and certified coxswain. Past leadership roles included Vice Flotilla Commander, Flotilla Commander, Vice Division Commander, and Division Commander. Mike currently serves as a Flotilla Staff Officer in Diversity, Human Resources, and Operations.

Mike is born and raised in Berks County, Pennsylvania where he currently resides with his wife Mary. He is an inventory control specialist for an electronics firm in Berks County. He attended Penn State University for Hotel and Restaurant management.

Mike will always be appreciative of the mentors he had in his first twenty-one years in the Auxiliary. He looks forward to supporting the Division Commanders and all the Flotillas as needed. His hope is that through his leadership and mentoring of other leaders he can help shape the future of the United State Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Thomas Don District Captain East

Thomas J. Don – District Captain – East,  (Divisions 7, 8, 16, 18)

I was born in Paterson, NJ and raised in the town of Saddle River, NJ. My family relocated to Rumson, NJ while I was still in school. Upon my graduation from High School I attended Johns Hopkins University before joining the United States Coast Guard in 1965. I followed in my Father’s and Brother’s footsteps in joining the Coast Guard. I spent the first four years on active duty. My first tour of duty after Boot Training was aboard the Buoy Tender Mistletoe stationed in Portsmouth Virginia. After serving on the Mistletoe my next assignment was serving at the Field Testing and Development Center at Curtis Bay Maryland. When my tour of duty was completed at FT&DC I received orders for Group Sandy Hook, NJ from there I served at Station Barnegat Light, NJ and Station Beach Haven, NJ performing SAR duty. I also had some active-duty time on the Buoy Tender Sassafras stationed at TRACEN Cape May. I also served as a CG Recruiter in the Coast Guard Recruiting Office in both Philadelphia, PA and Atlantic City, NJ. My last tour of duty was aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Hornbeam Stationed at TRACEN Cape May, NJ. Over the years I have been awarded many service Ribbons and Medals including the Cutter Device and the Coxswain Device. Both were awarded to me by the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Auxiliary. I have been Honorably Discharged eight times in my career in the US Coast Guard. I retired from the Coast Guard in 1998 with 33 years of service. I joined the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary the same year I retired. This year marks my 24th year with the CG Auxiliary. I have served in the positions of VFC, FC, DCDR and currently DCAPT E 5NR. I have also served as DSO-PV, ADSO-PV and numerous Staff positions at both the Flotilla and Division level. I hold the following qualifications: Coxswain (archived), Instructor, Vessel Examiner, Program Visitor.

I consider serving the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary “A Great Honor and Privilege”. I try very hard to lead by example embracing the Core Values in which I took a solemn oath to uphold. I have had the privilege to meet some truly amazing members which has inspired and motivated me to perform my duties to the best of my ability. The past two years for the Coast Guard Auxiliary membership has presented challenges that I believe no one in the History of our organization could have possibly imagined. The COVID Pandemic literally caused upheaval within our ranks and our personal lives as well. Throughout the Pandemic our Shipmates have showed Great Resilience and Determination to carry on the duties that they pledged to uphold. The introduction of the Virtual Zoom platform enabled our Divisions and Flotillas to meet remotely and kept our Shipmates engaged in Business matters and Training. Without this technological wonder our CG Auxiliary would be in bad shape. We are finally beginning to emerge from the Pandemic after two years of shutdowns and quarantine restrictions. Our Division Commanders and Flotilla Commanders are busy at work making plans for the upcoming 2022 Boating Season. Many of our Training courses are now available online which should make it very convenient for our Shipmates to complete in a timely manner and remain qualified for the year. We need to promote our Recruiting efforts. Our membership has been in decline over the last few years and we need to find new members who show enthusiasm in joining our ranks. There is much work to be accomplished in the new year. We have a very talented group of Auxiliarists that possess the skills necessary to support the missions of the Coast Guard. I admire and respect our Shipmates for their Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty!

Timothy Precht District Captain – Central (Divisions 1, 4, 12, 17) Elect Term begins 2023

Commodore Giannattasio

Joesph Giannattasio – 2022 Current Commodore –  Immediate Past Commodore (IPDCO) 

As the District Fifth-Northern Region Commodore in 2021 and 2022, Joe led the way for everyday business of the district continuing despite a global pandemic and guided members through significant events like transitioning seamlessly to conducting virtual meetings, workshops and training classes. Joe spearheaded members contributing beyond the district’s boundaries by augmenting DHS surge deployments in support of the Southwest Border and conducting public education coordination and surface/air exercises with neighboring districts.

COMO Giannattasio joined the US Coast Guard Auxiliary in 2003 and is a member of the Cape May, NJ flotilla. His decision to serve in the Coast Guard Auxiliary was a direct result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. A Licensed Captain and Private Pilot, COMO Giannattasio has earned his Coxswain device, Co-Pilot wings, and the Auxiliary’s Operational Specialty device. He is also qualified as In-port Officer of the Deck onboard 87ft. USCG Cutters home-ported in Cape May.

COMO Giannattasio is a native of Cape May, NJ and had lived in the US Virgin Islands. He is semi-retired and is the owner/operator of an Ice Cream & Mini Golf establishment in North Cape May. His numerous decorations include the Auxiliary Award for Operational Merit, the Auxiliary Commendation Award, and the Commandant’s Letter of Commendation. Joe has accumulated over 45,000 Auxiliary hours and was selected as the Coast Guard’s National Auxiliarist of the Year for 2017.