PPE Tracking and Inspection

Good day All, 

CG-BSX-12 is working with the District Operations Training Officers (OTO’s) on updating and correcting members’ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) recorded in AUXDATA II. The Office of Boat Forces (CG-731) establishes the policy and authorizes what PPE gear is issued to all Active Duty, Reserves, and Auxiliary for surface operations. CG-731 also establishes when and how PPE gear must be maintained in accordance with the applicable Maintenance Procedure Card (MPC). In order to release the new PPE functions in AUXDATA II, we are requesting that the current PPE issued to members be aligned with the correct makes and models and updated in the members’ PPE records. For example: the ONLY authorized Anti-Exposure Coverall (AEC) Make/Model is Mustang/MS2175v34, but AUXDATA II shows the member is issued an AEC with Make/Model as Mustang/MD3183v34. This is actually the Inflatable Lifejacket not the AEC and must be corrected.

OTO’s have been, and will be, working with select Auxiliary Rescue and Survival Systems managers to help update members’ PPE records and ensure the authorized PPE gear is issued and documented properly in AUXDATA II. If you are contacted about what PPE gear you have and the Make/Model of the PPE, please do not hesitate to provide and/or update the information requested.

In accordance with CG-731 policy, if PPE is not properly documented, issued, and maintained in accordance with applicable MPC, the PPE shall not be used, and the member may not get underway with that piece of PPE across all Active Duty, Reserves, and Auxiliary. This policy is strictly enforced on the Active Duty/Reserve side. PPE documentation, issuance, and maintenance are reviewed and enforced by a third-party entity every two and three years. This same standard is not being enforced on the Auxiliary side of the house. Auxiliary members are performing the same missions on the same waters as the Active Duty with a different standard when it comes to safety. BSX and OTO’s are working to correct this. SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT.

We need to make sure that authorized PPE gear issued to our members is properly recorded in AUXDATA II and that PPE gear is meeting all maintenance policies and requirements prior to each underway activity. This is a TEAM effort, and we are asking members to please provide PPE information when asked, and ensure your PPE is properly documented in AUXDATA II and the maintenance requirements have not exceeded policy. BOTH CAN HAVE IMPACTS ON RECEIVING ORDERS.

We are also requesting members who are no longer certified for surface operations and do not intend to recertify, to please return all Coast Guard or Coast Guard Auxiliary issued gear to their local flotilla.  Local flotillas that receive PPE, please work with your Chain of Leadership and Manafement (COLM) to return that gear to the District OTO.  Coast Guard procured and issued PPE gear is government property. Personally purchased PPE is not required to be turned in. 

Any questions with regard to this message should be directed to your District OTO through the COLM.


BMCM Travis R. Park, Chief                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Auxiliary Operations Management Branch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary and  Boating Safety