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Mission Statement:

The Publication Department exists in order to keep the Coast Guard, our membership, other government agencies, and the boating public informed through various formats and publications. In doing so the Department strives to showcase Auxiliary activities and achievements to other  stakeholders and seeks to attract members of the public to potentially become new Auxiliarists.

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Usual Disclaimer:  The Publications web pages are for informational purposes only. Do not contact the webmaster regarding these pages. Contact the DSO-PB for information and questions.

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REMINDER: All submissions to “TOPSIDE” should be forwarded to your respective regional ADSOs.

Information for the PUBLICATION STAFF OFFICER regarding Division & Flotilla Newsletters

Division and flotilla newsletters play a significant role in conveying information to members. Informed members are more apt to enjoy their Auxiliary experience and participate more fully in its activities.

As the Internet becomes more widely used, leaders in elected and appointed offices tend to rely on the web as a fast, efficient means of communications. This can also include newsletters, which serve as a medium to reach all members without the labor and costs of printing, correlating, packaging and postage of “hard copy” newsletters.

Unit newsletters should serve as a vehicle for officers to communicate with their members, to inform them of upcoming events, commemorate significant achievements of members, introduce new members, and many other functions that are not well served by brief email messages.

The Coast Guard recognizes the usefulness of unit publications by making the Publications Officer one of the recommended offices at both division and flotilla level, as long as the publications do not contain any commercial advertising.

All divisions and flotillas are strongly encouraged to publish a newsletter.


The Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790 (series) prescribes requirements for unit newsletters in Chapter 5, which should be consulted and followed. These requirements are not difficult. Approval of newsletters in 5NR has been delegated by the Director to the DSO-PB and a copy of a proposed publication should be sent to that officer.


Here is a 30 page Publication Guide available from the Auxiliary’s Public Affairs website containing a great many tools, sources, and recommendations for newsletters: Some of these are:

  • Newsletters are more useful when positive. Avoid negative comments that may cause problems.

  • Be sensitive to the diversity of the Auxiliary and avoid religious, racist or sexist expressions or symbols.

  • Ensure that each publication includes: Publication name, date, volume & issue number, unit identification, editor’s name and address, proper return address per Auxiliary mail requirements.

  • If photos are published take care to use those showing Auxiliarists in proper uniform or civilian clothing.

  • Newsletters published electronically should be printed and mailed to members without Internet capability or those requesting hard copy.

We’re here to help! Contact you regional ADSO-PB or DSO-PB should you have any questions or comments. Good luck and good publishing.