85 Years

Together… “One Team, One Fight” for 85 Years

D5NR Shipmates,

Since our inception in 1939 the Coast Guard Auxiliary has been an integral part of Team Coast Guard. We have a proven history of Proud Traditions and Worthy Missions in support of the Coast Guard and the public. Our birth was in direct response to the catastrophic events of WWII—50,000 Auxiliarists stepped forward in the defense of our nation. We are more relevant and needed today than at any point since WWII. To meet the current and future needs during these challenging times, the Coast Guard is reaching out for us to serve even more with the Active Duty and Reserves. And, meaningful ways to contribute are increasing every day.

As we celebrate our 85th Anniversary, please know that your service is not only recognized, but deeply appreciated at every level of the U.S. Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security. Your energy and efforts truly make a positive difference every day.

Be proud this Anniversary of all that you do as I am honored to serve with you.

Thank you, keep safe and stay well. Happy Anniversary!


Semper Paratus,

COMO Kurt P. Sarac, Sr.
District Commodore
Fifth District-Northern Region
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary