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Uniform Wear

Good day Shipmates

A brief reminder that  Auxiliarists may wear the uniform only when assigned to duty. The Auxiliary Manual provides a few specific examples of when Auxiliary uniform wear is prohibited, but even if not specifically prohibited, uniform wear is only authorized when assigned to duty.  

    An Auxiliarist is assigned to duty only when these 3 prerequisites are satisfied:

            1. The Auxiliarist is engaged in an activity in support of an authorized Auxiliary program.

            2. The Auxiliarist is qualified to engage in that activity in accordance with CG Auxiliary policy.

            3. The Auxiliarist is performing the activity in conformity with applicable CG or CG Auxiliary  policy (i.e. the Auxiliarist is acting within the scope of duty).

When those three criteria are met, then, and only then, the Auxiliarist is assigned to duty and may wear the uniform.  Also, it is only then that an Auxiliarist is deemed an employee of the United States for purposes of eligibility for the federal statutory protections described in the Auxiliary Manual. 

If ever in doubt, before donning the uniform, seek guidance from your elected unit leader, because violation of this rule may subject the member to severe disciplinary sanctions.     

Best Wishes to all for a very happy and healthy Holiday season.

Semper Paratus

Agostino “Gus” Formato, National Commodore

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary