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Upcoming Week Activities

Please send us this form with your activities for the upcoming week

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To keep the U.S. Coast Guard 5th District Commander RADM Laura Dickey and USCG Sector Delaware Bay Commander Captain Theel informed of Auxiliary activities, we are producing a report that is a look-ahead of the upcoming week’s expected activities. The resulting D5NR Outreach Activities Detail Report will be posted on the 5nr.org website after the data is collected.


For the information to be as accurate as possible, we are requesting that each Flotilla report their upcoming activities via an online form that will automatically email the information to the DSO-CS team. The form should be filled out by a designee of the Flotilla which could be the applicable FSO.

What is to be reported includes:

  • Vessel Exam Blitz or Multi-Unit event (Multiple VEs concentrating on a single or connected sites)
  • Public Affairs Events
  • Marine Safety event (Clean-up days, School MS Displays, etc.)
  • Any other Public Outreach Event


The reporting week runs from the upcoming Monday through the following Sunday with the report feeds coming from each Flotilla or other appropriate level of the organization. Deadline for submission is the Friday before the reporting week. The designated reporter to complete the form on the D5NR site is determined by the Flotilla.

<Example:  Activities for the week of 26Apr2021 through 2May2021 needs to be reported by Friday 23Apr2021.

The form routes to the District CS team to assemble the report and distribute.

NOTE: Submitters of the form should use their email address that is registered in AuxOfficer. The Outreach Location on the form is the name of the site such as Bob’s Marina, followed by the city and state at which the site is located.