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We are the Northern portion of two Auxiliary Districts that make up the Coast Guard Fifth District. With over 1700 members, Fifth District Northern Region (D5NR) serves the Coast Guard and boating public along portions of the central eastern seaboard that encompasses the entire state of Delaware, the southern half of New Jersey, and approximately three-fourths of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Together with the Fifth District Southern Region, we comprise seven states with approximately 3,800 members and 156,000 miles of coastline. D5NR is one district of sixteen Auxiliary districts that serves the United States and its territories.

District Leadership

Consists of USCG District Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) and the DIRAUX team, District Commodore and Executive Committee (EXCOM), as well as Divisional and Local Flotilla Leaders.

District Programs

The Auxiliary offers numerous specialties that each member may select qualify to support the Auxiliary and Coast Guard Missions.

Cmdr Moose
Director of Auxiliary
U.S. Coast Guard

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What is DIRAUX?

The Director of Auxiliary Office located at Sector Delaware Bay, Philadelphia is responsible for administering, coordinating, facilitating, supporting, advocating, advancing, arbitrating, and overall execution of the Auxiliary program within the District.  It is comprised of an active duty CG Commander (Director), Chief Warrant Officer (Operations Training Officer), an Administrative Specialist, and two Petty Officers (Storekeeper 2nd Class and a Yeoman 3rd Class).

The Director serves as advisor to the District Commander on all 5th Northern Auxiliary matters.  DIRAUX partners with Sector Delaware Bay and all CG Operational Commanders in the Area of Responsibility to provide an additional Force-Multiplier for the region.

DIRAUX receives program policy direction from the Chief Director of the Auxiliary (CHDIRAUX) located at Coast Guard Headquarters.

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