Boat Crew outfitted for operations

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, created by an Act of Congress in 1939, is the uniformed civilian component of the U.S. Coast Guard supporting the Coast Guard in nearly all its missions. Coast Guard Auxiliary men and women live and work in the communities they serve and understand the unique needs of their local and regional areas.

Showing the Colors on boards

CAPE MAY, NJ – Shawn and Khloe promote the Coast Guard Auxiliary even when not in uniform by creatively showing the Auxiliary colors during summer break from college. The Auxiliary and its missions have been associated with the Racing Stripe emblem and its unique color scheme, as well as a source of unity and pride for its members.

Coast Guard Auxiliary photo by Joseph Giannattasio.

District Five – Northern Region (D5NR) is a sub-unit of Coast Guard District Five, headquartered in Portsmouth, VA. The Director of the Auxiliary Office, which is comprised of a CG Active Duty Commander, a Chief Warrant Officer, a CG Civilian Administrative Specialist and two CG Petty Officers, manages the Auxiliary Program from an office located at Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay in Philadelphia, PA. The Director’s Office works in close concert with the Auxiliary’s District Commodore and the appointed and elected staff to manage and channel over 300,000 hours of volunteer efforts each year. The D5NR Area of Responsibility (AOR) is the same geographic region as U. S. Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay. The D5NR region encompasses all of the state of Delaware, most of New Jersey with the exception of much of the NJ side of the greater New York City Metropolitan area, and most of Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to the Western boundary near Indiana and Jefferson Counties.

CMDR Moose
Director of Auxiliary, 5NR

Commodore Sarac

Commodore Sarac
District Commodore, 5NR

District Captain East Noreen Schifini

DCOS Schifini
District Chief of Staff, 5NR

Approximately 1,800 Auxiliarists, 200 small boats, 6 aircraft and 200 radio facilities support 29 different Coast Guard commands including CG Sector Delaware Bay, Air Station Atlantic City, Small Boat Stations, Coast Guard Cutters, Aids to Navigation Teams, Recruiting Offices, the CG Atlantic Strike Team, and CG Recruit Training Center (TRACEN) Cape May. On waterways and in the air, the Auxiliary provides over 15,000 hours of direct operational support to the Coast Guard. They patrol New Jersey’s coastline, rivers and lakes, Delaware Bay, Delaware River, and Pennsylvania’s lakes and rivers including the Susquehanna River and major tributaries including the Schuylkill River and the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal. Additionally, D5NR Auxiliarists routinely lead the nation for hours devoted to public education and in areas of service that involve recreational boating safety, seamanship, marine safety and outreach.

Bowers Beach SARDET

SARDET Bowers Beach
Search And Rescue Detachment

Search and Rescue Station Marcus Hook

SARDET Marcus Hook
Search and Rescue Detachment

SARDET Bordentown Picture

SARDET Bordentown
Search and Rescue Detachment

Auxiliary Station Long Level

AUXSTA Long Level
Auxiliary Station

In order to provide boating safety and search and rescue response in areas without a significant Coast Guard presence, the D5NR Auxiliary operates three Search and Rescue Detachments (SARDETs) and an Auxiliary Search and Rescue Station (AUXSTA) in D5NR which are manned throughout the weekends during the boating season. SARDETS are located at Bordentown, NJ; Marcus Hook, PA; and Bowers Beach, DE with an Auxiliary Station (AUXSTA) Long Level at Wrightsville, PA.


If you would like to learn more about the Auxiliary or interested in joining us, check out one or more Flotillas in your area by using the FIND A FLOTILLA finder on the National Website at .

Below is an interactive pdf map of the Fifth District Northern Region.

Interactive D5NR map