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Usual Disclaimer: The Personnel Services web pages contain comments on membership and recruiting as well as current statistics on membership within the 5th Northern District. They are intended to communicate with and disseminate information to Auxiliary members. Do not contact the webmaster regarding these pages. Contact the DSO-HR for information and questions.

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New Member Information

New Member Study Guide (Contact your HR contacts)

JULY 2020 NEW MEMBER PROCESS, See Enrollment Electronic Submission Process

Enrollment Electronic Submission Process

New Applicant Exam (Contact your HR contacts)

ANSC 7001 Application (updated 4-21)

Uniform Information

2018 Uniform Presentation

Awards Descriptions and Ribbons 

New Alternate Working Uniform (AWU) Presentation
Uniform Announcement on AWU 

Additional New Member Information for New Members

National Staff has developed a “one stop shopping” web page just for the new member. It is called “New to the Auxiliary?” This page is easily accessible from the Auxiliary’s front page – it is a drop-down selection in the gray “Aux Members” tab. There is also an on-ramp from MyCGAux. This page is directly accessible at:  http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=H-DEPT&category=new-members

New Member Page on National Site

New Member Page on National Site

Joy & Sorrow

Margaret Gering, is our ADSO-HR-JS. The job is to convey official messages from the District to members celebrating life events such as new additions to the family, weddings, graduations, anniversaries—the joyous occurrences that should be recognized. The ADSO-HR-JS also sends District condolences to the families of members who have crossed over the bar. They also send best wishes to those members suffering an illness, enduring a hospital stay, surgery or the like. Cards of encouragement can be sent to members facing hard times. Think of the ADSO-HR-JS as reaching out to members and their families for Joy and Sorrow and really everything in between. They need your help! Important events are time-sensitive and they need to know as soon as possible of their happening to do their job well. Please drop an email immediately when a life event occurs—especially a death. Sending along contact information such as next of kin, email, mailing address(es) and phone numbers, funeral arrangements and such will save her a lot of work. In the case of illness, let them know where to reach the individual. It is also important to respect the privacy of all individuals, so make sure to pass along only the information that the member or family member would want to be shared.  Add this information to your personal and unit directories: Margaret Gering, ADSO-HR-JS auxgering@gmail.com.  Information to be  will pass along to the NOGI editor.

Official Note: The passing of a member requires that the unit commander officially notify the appropriate officers including the District Staff Officer-Human Resources. Please refer to the Auxiliary Manual for guidance.

Our region has now implemented e-submission for the enrollment applications, ANSC-7001.

The attached instruction is effective immediately and will be posted on the D5NR web site.

The D5NR Policy Manual Chapter 2 will be revised to incorporate the change.

The new process will ensure secure Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and increase overall completion of the enrollment application.

Please direct all inquiries and concerns via your COLM.