District Staff Officer – Member Training

Terry Bearce


Members getting training on knot tying
Mike Shuflat ADSO-MT East
Shephen Marthouse ADSO-MT West
Peter Lacey ADSO-MT Central
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Usual Disclaimer:  The Member Training web pages are for informational purposes only. Do not contact the webmaster regarding these pages. Contact the DSO-MT for information and questions.

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We ask that you send any MT announcements in an email to Rick Taylor at dso-cs@5nr.org. The following information should be included: Course Name, Location of the class, Date, Start Time, Duration, Contact Name, Contact Phone and Contact email address You may also include any special Notes that pertain to the class. This will allow us to keep the database up to date as we continue our development.

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Listed below are all the available manuals that are within our system to assist you in your member training initiatives.  They are as follows:

Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS)

5NR Auxiliary Policy Manual – D5NRINST M16790.1C

5NR Individual Development Planning Guide

5NR AUXOP Program Completion Checklist

Auxiliary Manuals on the National Site.

Mandatory Training Handouts


Need help filling out the request for training for (STTR?) Check out this presentation.
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Here is the current list of CG-TCT program administrators.

Shirley E Ackerman
Gary J Christopher
Kenneth G Christy
Joseph Giannattasio
Warren R Huff
Marilyn F Hughes

Here is the current list of AUX-TCT program administrators.

Robert Adams
Barron Batchelder
Terry Bearce
Gary Christopher
Kenneth Christy
David Clendening
Andrew Crowley
Howard Friedman
Russel Galson
Donald Gearhart
Joseph Giannattasio
Girard Goldkrantz
George Greely Jr
Richard F Grochowski Jr
David J Hellmuth
Bruce A Henry
Warren R Huff
Marilyn F Hughes
Lewis H Keenan
Robert J Kuhn
Jose A Lopez
Antoinette M Magliano
Joseph P Mariano
Donald W Merrill
Edward R Meyer
Kevin Carter Murphy
Matthew J Obrien Jr
Norberto J Perez
Harold T Robinson
Paul D Rossiter
Joseph A Smith Sr
Frank T Stewart
William Ray Turner
Robert G Vanderhook
Philip B Walmsley
Paul R Whitman Sr
Robert W Whyland
Mark Henry Wirtz