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Boating Safety Courses

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eLib Resource Center: Links to each of the Auxiliary courses, including course materials and course descriptions.

Recreational Boating Safety Children’s Coloring & Activity Book is available through ANSC.
A storybook / coloring book with pictures containing water safety suggestions for children for Grades K – 3.  (50 per package).  To review the PDF copy of this book.

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Videos from PA Fish and Boat’s Boating Safety Class

Preparing for the Ride

Time 3:28

Pre Launch Overview
Safety Gear
Float Plan – Importance
Safety Check
Fueling Your Boat

Time 3:52

Fueling and Safety
1/3 rule
Safety Practices
Fumes and ventilation
Fire Extinguisher
Trailering and Launching

Time 5:10

Hookup – Launch and Retrieve
Courtesy at the ramp
Casting off and Docking

Time 4:02

Before you leave
Wind and Current – multiple examples
Casting off and Docking
Rules of the Waterways

Time 3:38

Give-way vs. Stand-On with examples
Navigating at Night

Time 2:21

Overview of lights, meaning and rules
Scenario situations
Navigating the Waterways


Buoys and Markers
Towards Open Water
Red (even) and Green (odd) – Red Right Returning
Red and Green Junction
Regulator Markers
Anchoring Your Boat

Time 3:06

Types of Anchors Flute – Plow – Mushroom
7 x 10s depth
Anchor from the front
Lower not throw
How to release a stuck anchor
Personal Watercraft on the Water

Time 3:20

Courtesy and safety
Like or dislike – Being a Jerk
PWC Preparing to Ride

Time 4:46

Prelaunch safety check
Manual – know your craft
Laws and rules and regulations
Steering differences
Jet Drive
Safety and injury prevention
Homeland Security

Time 2:03

What to do – how to stay out of trouble and legal requirements
Wearing Life Jackets


Overview and intended use
Examples of each type and rules and regulations
Questions regarding which type is best for the activity.
How to don and fit
Emphasis on kids
Aquatic Invasive Species

Time 2:16

Overview of common AIS
Impact they can have
What you can do
In and out-of-state travel
Avoiding Accidents

Time 3:55

Falls Overboard
Emphasized Wearing PFD
No riding on the gunwale
Safe speed defined
Pay attention – situation awareness
Secondary lookout
Environmental fatigue
No alcohol and drugs
Stay Alert and Aware
Preparing for Emergencies

Time 4:45

Opps Moments
What do you do?
Swamping and Capsizing
Prevention tips
What do you do when it happens – PFD, hang onto the boat – do a head count
Keep everyone together
Falling overboard – prevention techniques and tips – common causes Maintain eye contact
Boat Position
Cold water survival immersion
Help and Huddle
Communicate and signal for help
Help others you see that are in trouble.