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Welcome to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, Fifth District Northern Region’s Operations web page.  Our purpose is to provide our members with some of the information they need to familiarize themselves with, and participate in, the program.

Operation Policies, Documents, and Manuals links are available on the Operations Forms and Documents page.

Usual Disclaimer:  The Operations web pages are for informational purposes only. Do not contact the webmaster regarding these pages. Contact the DSO-OP for information and questions.

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Surface Operations and the Boat Crew Training Program are at the heart of most Flotilla activities.  Boat Crew members and Coxswains are qualified in accordance with the current Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M16794.51a (as revised effective January 1, 2007).  The Coxswain requests and receives orders for a patrol that is multi-mission in nature. Patrols are carried out in accordance with the “Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual”.

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Orders – Authorization for Patrols

Orders for facility movement, whether for vessel or aircraft movement, or radio facility activation and/or movement is one of two general kinds of orders that may be issued to Auxiliarists.  Such orders are considered “assignment to duty.”  These orders may be either written or verbal, and may be reimbursable or non-reimbursable.  Auxiliarists may not use any facility or special purpose facility for any Coast Guard or Coast Guard Auxiliary purpose or mission unless appropriate patrol orders have been issued and the facility has been properly offered and accepted for use and the facility has the minimum qualified crew on-board.  The AUXDATA Order Management System (AOM) is the mandatory method of issuing patrol orders to operational facilities.  This system is an totally web-based tool including electronic signatures and electronic submission of receipts with the orders.  An OIA must issue or authorize orders before an Auxiliarist conducts any patrol activity.