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Lorraine Bianco

Loraine Bianco  ………..……… ADSO-NS East

Edward A. Hilscher Jr. ……… ADSO-NS West

view of damaged canal marker

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Aids Verifier Performance Qualification Standard (AV PQS)

Download this new Aid-Verifier PQS and work with an aid-verifier to have all the tasks signed-off.  The only other way to become an aid-verifier is to go to the “C” school in Virginia for one week and then do a check ride.  

Download the PQS, fill out your portions, give to the current Aids Verifier for signoff.

The following are presentations and the test to be completed as a part of the PQS.

AV PQS Part 1

AV PQS Part 2

PQS Exam

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